Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Texel Journal (first half)

When I recently posted about my Achterhoek Journal (you can find that post here) I suddenly realized that I had never shown you my Texel Journal! Gasp!

Last March I went to the island of Texel for a week and I did show you a whole bunch of photographs here, here and here, but somehow the travel journal I filled got looked over on the blog. I think it was because it was not finished when I got home and I had to add some final touches before I could show it to you and then life and other artsy endeavours simply took over and the travel journal was forgotten.

So this post and the next one are seriously overdue, sorry about that. Just pretend it's April or something. ;-)

The Texel Journal was done in a midori sketchbook insert, it was nice and compact and I decorated the outside with markers. It looks like this:

The paper was very nice, but I must admit I didn't care for the perforation they put on every page so you can tear them out. If I wanted to tear my pages out I would work on seperate sheets of paper. I never understand this logic of putting perforation in bound sketchbooks. But luckily it still held up quite nicely.

Because there weren't all that many pages in the book and I knew I wanted to add a lot of imagery I decided to do my regular journal writing on seperate note paper and then add that with a paperclip to each day in the journal, like this:

Now for the purpose of this post (and the next) I removed those written pages temporarily so you could take a better look at the journal itself. I also removed some loose flyers and cards that I keep in the center of the journal as souvenirs of my trip.

So without further ado lets take a peek at my Texel Journal.

That's the first half of the journal. I'll show you the second half in the next post.

For now I wish you all a wonderful and artsy weekend!