Sunday, November 1, 2015

Morning Paintings #221-230

Sometimes one morning painting can lead to another. I will for instance do a pattern and wonder what would happen if I did this or that variation of that pattern. Or I will do a certain portrait and wonder what would happen if I set the portrait up in a different way. This doesn't always happen straight away, but when you have painted over 250 paintings it gets quite common to be sort of inspired by your own work.

A time that happened very explicitly is in the next series of morning paintings. All of them are flowers obviously, but in all of them I added gold ochre as a central colour and I also added words with a label maker. I especially liked the combination of black, gold ochre and silver grey, so I worked with that a lot. This is the first series of paintings where I would really like to turn them into postcards or something. I just think they are so pretty.

#221 - Flourish

#222 - Lucky Seven

#223 - Blossom

#224 - Bloom

#225 - Joyful

#226 - Hopeful

#227 - Generous

#228 - Greetings

#229 - Renewal

#230 - Closure

Now between no. 228 and 229 are twelve days. That was my vacation to the Achterhoek when I did not do my morning paintings. It may also clarify the words I chose for these paintings. :-)

With painting #230 I finished another sketchbook! That's five sketchbooks I've filled up so far. Pretty amazing even to me. 

Hope you are honouring some artsy practice somehow wherever you are and that you are enjoying it as much as I am enjoying mine.

Have a wonderful day!