Sunday, November 22, 2015

Morning Paintings #241-250

Every other fifty paintings feel like a new milestone. I reached number 250 a month ago and am starting to feel pretty proud of my morning painting discipline, especially since I always think of myself as someone with hardly any discipline at all! Could I be wrong?

Here are paintings #241 to #250:

#241 - Flowers and Numbers

#242 - Stuffed Sheep at Sister's House (done in watercolour)

#243 - Joyful

#244 - Shirt

#245 - Shirt

#246 - Shirt

#247 - Shirt

#248 - A Bit of Nonsense

#249 - Abstract Nonsense

#250 - 250

As you can see I've been experimenting some more with washi tape here and there, some times it works better than other times. And personally I love the shirt paintings. I can see a whole series of clothing items in my future. These are not my shirts by the way, they are adaptations of clothing from a mail order catalogue.

#242 was done at my sister's house in watercolour, because my gouache box is a bit too bulky to take with me on trips. Speaking of my gouache box, I'm still working in the same one that I started with in January. I bought a replacement box several months ago already, but I have not needed it yet. I think that's pretty amazing in itself.

I hope you enjoyed this new batch of paintings and wish you a wonderful and artsy day!