Sunday, November 22, 2015

Morning Paintings #241-250

Every other fifty paintings feel like a new milestone. I reached number 250 a month ago and am starting to feel pretty proud of my morning painting discipline, especially since I always think of myself as someone with hardly any discipline at all! Could I be wrong?

Here are paintings #241 to #250:

#241 - Flowers and Numbers

#242 - Stuffed Sheep at Sister's House (done in watercolour)

#243 - Joyful

#244 - Shirt

#245 - Shirt

#246 - Shirt

#247 - Shirt

#248 - A Bit of Nonsense

#249 - Abstract Nonsense

#250 - 250

As you can see I've been experimenting some more with washi tape here and there, some times it works better than other times. And personally I love the shirt paintings. I can see a whole series of clothing items in my future. These are not my shirts by the way, they are adaptations of clothing from a mail order catalogue.

#242 was done at my sister's house in watercolour, because my gouache box is a bit too bulky to take with me on trips. Speaking of my gouache box, I'm still working in the same one that I started with in January. I bought a replacement box several months ago already, but I have not needed it yet. I think that's pretty amazing in itself.

I hope you enjoyed this new batch of paintings and wish you a wonderful and artsy day!


  1. Wonder, fabulous colors and patterns!!! Just makes me happy to see them.

  2. I really like the colors and the subjects are clever.

  3. Wat een goed idee weeral die kleding en washi tape , het schaapje is ook tof gedaan en goed gevonden want idd soms zoeken we (ik dan) te ver terwijl iets om te tekenen soms vlak onder onze neus ligt .

    1. Als ik bij zus op bezoek ben slaap ik altijd in het logeerkamertje van haar kleinkind en daar staan altijd allerlei knuffelbeesten, die kan ik dan niet weerstaan, haha. Over het algemeen teken ik niet zoveel dingen uit het 'echte leven', ik vind het leuker maar wat te verzinnen. ;-)

  4. Je 'shirt-serie' is geweldig, vooral in de eerste twee heb je de schaduwen/plooien heel goed weten te 'vangen'. Prachtig!


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