Friday, November 13, 2015

Morning Paintings #231-240

This batch of Morning Paintings was the start of my sixth sketchbook. As I'm writing this I actually just bought number seven, because I'm one week away from finishing number six. It's a little amazing how fast you can almost feel the time go when you do a painting every morning. At least I have a couple of hundred paintings to show for it!

Here's paintings no. 231 to 240:

#231 - Welcome

#232 - Express Yourself

#233 - Dots & Circles

#234 - Flowers on Green

#235 - Experiment

#236 - Courage

#237 - Simplicity

#238 - Mail Order Catalogue Girl

#239 - Mail Order Catalogue Girl

#240 - Flowers and Washi

#238 was the first portrait I did in quite a while and it shows. I could really feel how rusty I had gotten in that particular area. I felt like I just had to do another one the next day to proof to myself I still could paint these faces and I think that one went much better. I think this shows that drawing and painting is like a muscle you have to train over and over again and that being good in one subject does not necessarily mean you can just paint everything without effort. It's all a continuing practice, again and again and again.

#240 was the start of something new in my morning paintings: the use of washi tape. I was just curious how it would look and I like how it turned out. I have used washi every now and then since that first try because of it.

Well, that's another ten paintings. If you want to follow this practice real time you can do so by following me on Facebook (see sidebar) or Instagram (@caatjes_artsy_stuff).

I hope you're doing something wonderfully artsy in your neck of the woods and I wish you all a beautiful weekend!