Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Morning Paintings #251-260

Time for another batch of Morning Paintings.

When I first started these paintings my idea was to spend 30 minutes on a page, but some of the paintings below took a lot longer than that. In itself I don't mind that much, but I'm finding it takes away from my journaling time in the morning and that I do mind. Sometimes I only write once a week, which is very rare for me and I miss it.

So I'm thinking of trying a different approach the coming year where maybe I won't finish a page every day, but will simply work on a sketchbook/art journal 30 minutes every morning and not care so much whether a page is finished or not. I'll let you know what I come up with. For now my plan is to simply fill the sketchbook I'm working in the 'old' way (a page a day), but when it's done I will start a revised art practice in the morning. We'll see how it goes.

Here are paintings no. 251 to 260!

#251 - Block Pattern

#252 - A Minor Variation

#253 - Pattern Variations

#254 - Stitched Blocks

#255 - Diamonds

#256 - Diamond Variation

#257 - Flowers and Washi

#258 - Flowers and Washi

#259 - Flowers and Washi

#260 - Flowers and Washi

For some of these I tried to use the same colour combination in different ways. I love experimenting with colour and seeing what happens if you use the same colours with completely different pictures. Paintings #253 to #256 are examples of intricate works like I mentioned above. These can take up to two hours sometimes to finish. I don't mind spending two hours on a paintings, but for my 30 minute practice a day I think it's a bit much, haha.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these paintings though (I sure keep enjoying making them) and I wish you a wonderful and artsy day.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Walking Pictures

It has been a while since I shared some of my walking pictures, the photographs I take with my smart phone while I'm on one of my walks across the island. Not always, but every now and then I will share a compilation of those pics on Instagram, so if you are curious to see them in 'real time' you can follow me there via @caatjes_artsy_stuff.

Here are some pics of the last few months for your viewing pleasure:

The next pics I took last week when I was in Harlingen (that's where the ferry arrives on the main land). I was staying in a hotel there after traveling for work when it was too late to catch the ferry at night. Early in the next morning after my stay I shot these photographs on the way to the ferry terminal:

Never let it be said I don't live in a beautiful country. People in the Netherlands often have a tendency to want to travel to the most exotic places, but I find a lot of beauty and interest can be found practically at our doorstep. Keep your eyes open and it's right there.

Hope you enjoyed these pictures and I wish you a wonderful and artsy weekend!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Introducing the Adori (my current journal)

A while ago I finished the Spiral Book and that meant it was time to move on to a new journal. I decided to go with my absolutely gorgeous Adori.

Now you may be wondering what an Adori is.
As you may or may not know at the end of 2014 I purchased a Midori Traveler's Notebook. I have shared several posts about that book on this blog (just check the midori label in the sidebar). I still use that midori with great pleasure as a daily planner and notebook. It's really a bit of workhorse that I carry with me a lot, not so much a pretty book that I journal or do art in.

Because of the midori I started to get interested in so called fauxdori's, books that are based on the same kind of system (a leather folder filled with loose notebooks) but that were custom made. So after a lot of thinking I decided I wanted a moleskine cahier sized one, but I just didn't know what colour I preferred. Then Anja Verkooy of Adori made with Love showed a custom made traveler's notebook that just seemed to be made for me (except that she had made for one of her customers). So with a few tweaks added I asked her to make one for me and she did.

Here's a pic I took from my Facebook timeline to show you how it arrived:

Yes, I had only ordered the cover, but apparently Anja is determined to send a truck load of freebies along with every order. She's very very generous that way.  Anyway, is it gorgeous or what?

So when the Spiral Book was finished I decided to use this beautiful Adori as my journal. I filled it up with several pretty notebooks from Tinne+Mia (cannot recommend that brand enough, the paper is stunning) and the sketchbook insert that Anja gave me and here are some pictures of the way I have been using it so far:

The above spread was the end of the first notebook. It took me about a month and a half to fill.

Below you can see the split between the first and the second notebook. You can also see I decorated the pretty notebooks with some extra stickers. 

Most of the Adori is filled with writing and photographs. Here and there are some everyday ephemera and some funny stuff I picked off the internet.

I enjoy working in it and I love (adore, haha) how it looks, but I must admit it's not the most practical journal I've ever had. In the pictures you can see how I need to use my fingers to keep it open for instance. And writing on one notebook in a cover that is filled with several is not always comfortable either, but somehow it's worth it. I really am still very much in love with this traveler's notebook.

I hope you liked looking at my current journal and I wish you all a wonderful and artsy day!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Morning Paintings #241-250

Every other fifty paintings feel like a new milestone. I reached number 250 a month ago and am starting to feel pretty proud of my morning painting discipline, especially since I always think of myself as someone with hardly any discipline at all! Could I be wrong?

Here are paintings #241 to #250:

#241 - Flowers and Numbers

#242 - Stuffed Sheep at Sister's House (done in watercolour)

#243 - Joyful

#244 - Shirt

#245 - Shirt

#246 - Shirt

#247 - Shirt

#248 - A Bit of Nonsense

#249 - Abstract Nonsense

#250 - 250

As you can see I've been experimenting some more with washi tape here and there, some times it works better than other times. And personally I love the shirt paintings. I can see a whole series of clothing items in my future. These are not my shirts by the way, they are adaptations of clothing from a mail order catalogue.

#242 was done at my sister's house in watercolour, because my gouache box is a bit too bulky to take with me on trips. Speaking of my gouache box, I'm still working in the same one that I started with in January. I bought a replacement box several months ago already, but I have not needed it yet. I think that's pretty amazing in itself.

I hope you enjoyed this new batch of paintings and wish you a wonderful and artsy day!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Doodling with markers

In August I took Pam Garrison's wonderful creative sketchbooking class on CreativeBug which I highly recommend and ever since I have been mesmerized by a new to me doodling style that was inspired by that class.

I showed some in a previous post that I did in my sketchbooks and journals, but now I have moved on to separate pieces of paper and am really starting to develop a bit of a personal style.

This very smooth mixed media paper (Clairefontaine Paint On) is A4 in size and absolutely perfect for my big brush markers (Faber Castell), so I use those for colouring in all the sections of the paper. The doodling on top is done with a Micron drawing pen (black) and a Sakura gelly roll pen (white).

I'm not even sure why these doodles are so satisfying to do and to look at, but I just love them! I'm definitely making more of these in the future.

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day!
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