Friday, May 29, 2015


I knew this was coming for almost two years, but now it's finally here: Dawn Devries Sokol's A world of Artist Jounal Pages.


It's a gorgeous book with an enormous amount of journal pages from all over the world. It's like going to an exhibition without having to leave your house! A lot of the work in there is just stunning, so you can imagine that I'm pretty excited about being in there too!
The lovely page on the bottom right is made by Sandra van den Bogaard, but the rest is all mine.

Having your pages in somebody else's book is a strange experience. First when you get picked you are really excited and happy, but then follows a long time in which nothing seems to happen. Well, a lot is happening of course, it's just that you are not personally a part of it, and you almost forget about it. Also I am the type of person who doesn't really really believe it until she sees it in print.

The good part about that is that you get to be all freshly excited again when the book shows up in your mailbox! I love this book and will spend (and have already spent) many hours drooling over all those beautiful pages. It's good to be in such amazing company. It's also good to know so many people out there are filling pages in journals and how differently they all do it. It really makes you realize there is not one way to art journal, just like there's not one way to do art.

If you are a lover of journals you might want to pick up or borrow this book and have yourself a nice long sitdown with a cup of tea and cookies. The book is pretty big, so be sure to take your time.

Have a wonderful and artsy weekend, my blogsy people!