Thursday, May 14, 2015

Morning paintings #71-80

As I am writing this post I have just finished my 100th morning painting! It's so strange to me that it almost feels like some abstract number that I made up, but it actually represents a hundred pages spread over two and a half sketchbook! I always wondered how people who do this type of thing actually do it and the answer is so simple you'll want to slap me: one - day - at - a - time. ;-)

I'd like to think the reason that I keep it up says something about my amazing discipline and dedication, but I think it says more about the fun I'm having with it than anything else. They are simply worth doing for doing's sake, I have no other explanation.

On this here blog I'm a little behind on showing you the paintings, because...well...I do other stuff too and I don't have the energy to blog every day to keep up with them. However I do post every painting every morning on facebook and instagram (oh yeah, I'm back on instagram again) so if you want to keep up with them real time you can follow me there.

Anyway, here are paintings number 71 to 80:

#71 - Hearts (done in a hotel in watercolour)

#72 - Dashing Waves

#73 - Sunrise (Yes, this one got damaged at the bottom.)

#74 - Balls in Blue

#75 - Black Birds

#76 - Hand

#77 - Flower Mandala

#78 - Circles on Ochre

#79 - Scales

#80 - Eighty

All of these paintings, except #71, were done in gouache. Where there are small details and decorations I also used acrylic paint markers (UniPosca).

A fun side effect of this daily painting is that you really get to see how far a paint box will take you. So far I can tell you that a Caran d'Ache pan gouache box with 14 colours takes you far beyond a hundred paintings, haha. That's good to know, right?

With the finishing of painting #80 I also finished my second sketchbook. Here it is all filled up:

My morning painting sketchbook is actually an A5 sized photo album. I chose this format because of the protective sheets between the pages. That way the paint doesn't rub off on the opposite page, because gouache has a tendency to do that. The paper does buckle a little, but it does not bleed and it works really well with gouache, at least for my purposes.

So my third sketcbook (which is already half full) is also one of these photo-albums and the fourth one has already been purchased. Presumptuous much? Yep, definitely! ;-)

Hope you enjoyed this peek at yet another ten morning paintings and wishing you a wonderful and artsy day.


  1. I absolutely have adored your unique daily paintings. Truly. They are so bright and cheerful' joyously uplifting. The 'waves' really made me feel queasy, and truly it feels like ones in a boat looking out at waves, albeit in fantasy land! It looks simple but to paint like that in such a uniform way freehand must be really difficult! Oh those black birds - well, they are stunningly gorgeous and really make me smile.

    1. The dashed paintings are very relaxing to do. I like their simplicity and they remind me also of stitches that I might one day do on a journal cover. ;-)
      Thank you for your kind words.

  2. Your daily paintings are unique. I always go and look back at them many times. I like the photo album with the protective sheet idea. I might even give the Caran d'Ache pan gouache paints a try. Everything you do, as an artist, seems fresh and different. Each one has a style of its own.
    Barb J

    1. Thanks Barb.
      The Caran d'Ache paint is quite nice, but it is not artist quality. I have since tried tubed paints and can easily tell how many more pigments are in those. But for my purpose the pan paints are just fine.

  3. A lot of inspiration. I love your paintings, and am looking to dabble with goache one of these days myself, and most people always talk about acrylic. Also, what you said about how much fun they are. It makes me think - there is so much - too much, really - in my life right now that is such a burden or a chore. And you know how I got here? Also one day and ones step at a time. So I think that's a really important measure of how you spend your time and how I would like to spend more of my time. So I hope I can start and continue taking small steps towards and with things that bring me joy, into such a colorful and enjoyable world that I see in your paintings. Thank you!

    1. I do like acrylic, but this gouache is so much more practical. I also like it's very matte finish. It's like the best of both worlds, it handles a bit like watercolour, but has the opacity of acrylic. I also like that it doesn't make the pages sticky.
      And one step at a time is indeed how change takes place. It's sometimes hard for me to believe this, that small little acts each day really make a difference, but they do and they create new habits. Painting a little every day is 'nothing', but after more than a hundred days it really amounts to something! :-)

  4. I love your painting, Carin and also so proud that you've kept it up for so long. Way to go!! : )

    1. I'm a bit proud myself Debi (and also a little surprised, haha). :-)

  5. Loving the stitched look you are using! Congrats on 100!

    1. Yes, I like that too. You are not the first one to notice it. I may actually use some of the more stitchy paintings as a base for a journal cover. Maybe...some day... :-)

  6. Wat goed dat je ze nog steeds iedere morgen doet! Ik heb ooit eens ergens gelezen, dat als je iets voor 4 tot 6 weken doet het gewoon in je dagelijkse routine zit. Volgens mij heb je dit bewezen! Je flower mandala is mijn favoriet.

    1. Haha, iedereen noemt een ander aantal dagen. Ik weet niet of het al echt een gewoonte is, maar ik begin inderdaad wel te merken dat het raar voelt als ik ze niet doe in de ochtend. Vaak doe ik ze dan nog snel later op de dag, want niet doen, dat kán toch eigenlijk niet meer? ;-)


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