Saturday, May 23, 2015

Morning Paintings #81-90

This batch of morning paintings was also the start of my third morning paintings sketchbook. As I've said before I use a small photo album for these paintings and it seems to work fine.

Here are paintings number 81 to 90.

#81 - Dots

#82 - Dots with dashes

#83 - Spring

#84 - Flowers

#85 - More flowers

#86 - Happy King's Day!

#87 - Bouquet

#88 - Pattern

#89 - Rainbow dashes

#90 - Flower pattern with ink

I guess you can tell that with this batch I went into a flowery phase! ;-) Maybe it's the spring air, who knows? I have been painting a lot more flowers since, so apparently I am enjoying them.

All paintings were done in gouache which I still like working with very much even though I can tell that now my box of pan colours is getting emptier the pigments are kind of going back too. As if the filler of the paint all sank to the bottom of the pans or something. Strange.

I'm considering switching to tubed gouache when the box is empty, but I'm not sure yet. We'll see. I do have some wonderful tubed gouache, but I haven't used it for my morning paintings yet, mostly because the pans are so much more practical for working quickly in the early morning. There's still plenty of time to think about that. I do like how I'm making these plans though, as if I actually think I will reach the end of the box instead of still wondering if I will keep this practice up. It's slowly becoming ingrained in my system it seems and that makes me happy.

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy weekend!


  1. I love what you're doing with the flowers... they're just the dose of happiness and brightness I need to get me going on a chilly morning. For the gouache... some of the tubes do rewet quite well, depending on the brand. I'd try putting a small dab in a pan to dry overnight and try rewetting it like you would for watercolors. Then, you could just put the tube paints in the pans when they're empty (just don't fill the pans to the top... small layers drying in between are best)... I did just that. HTH, Emie

    1. Thanks for the pointers Emie! I have used some left overs of my tubed gouache that way and it does seem to work well, so this might indeed be a good idea. I guess I just love using my tubed gouaches as tubed gouache so much that it almost seems blasphemous to use them as pans, haha, but for this project it may be the right thing to do. ;-)

  2. Love the flowers. I am going to have to give the gouache a try. Your work is so beautiful and I know how much you must enjoy this morning painting routine.

    1. Thank you Barb. I do enjoy gouache a lot myself. It's beautifully matte and opaque, a perfect combination in my book.

  3. Love those morning pages. Just wondering, do you ever go back and put quotes or pictures on your morning paintings or do you always leave them as is? Enjoy your weekend.....Linda E.

    1. No, I never go back in. Not with my morning paintings nor with any other art I do. I don't know, once something is done it's done for me, good or bad. I'd rather start all over again then go back days or weeks later and adapt something. To me it's like a fixed point in time, something you just don't mess with. I'd rather just move on. ;-)


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