Saturday, April 20, 2013

We have a winner!

Well, 56 of you should be pretty excited right now, because today we pick a winner for my birthday giveaway! Who will win the beautiful Book Formerly Known As ROD Square? Let's find out shall we?

First I will write all your names on a piece of paper.

Then I cut you all up into little strips (ouch!). ;-)

Then I scrunched you up into little scrunches (this really is a painful process!). ;-)

And then I pulled out a winner...drum roll please!

It's Kim! Here's what she had to say:

And here's what I have to say:
Congratulations to you Kim! I'll mail you privately for further details and I hope you will enjoy this journal as much as I enjoyed making it.

To the rest of you:
Beter luck next time and thank you for all your wonderful birthday wishes and compliments, they will last me at least until my next birthday!

Enjoy the rest of your artsy weekend!


  1. Oh DARN...I mean...CONGRATULATIONS Kim. (Dang auto correct).

    1. LOL, better luck next time Annie!

  2. Congratulations to Kim! Such a lovely book to own!

    1. Thanks Teri, I will be sorry to see it go. :-)

  3. What an incredibly lucky lady!!

    1. She sure is, I'm actually a little jealous myself. It was really hard putting the package in the mail, haha! But I did it and across the globe it goes!


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