Friday, April 19, 2013

Photography Friday

Time for a peek through my camera phone lens, enjoy! ;-)

My assistant forming a circle of one.

Several trips to the main land means more ferry art.

One of my many household tasks lately: washing the curtains and cleaning the sliding doors. So proud of myself!

When a pond looks as gorgeous as this.... have no other option....

....but to take pictures from every angle!

Only one beach walk in the past few weeks. I feel deprived!

Still obsessed with drawing patterns and colouring them in. What's a girl to do but give in to this craziness?

Winter has stayed so long this year, nature is waking up late.

The annual beach cleaning, volunteered to help, along with other coworkers.

Ah yes, my birthday. A box of goodies for breakfast from my friend Patries...

...and a box of goodies for dinner from my friend Monique (Monk)!

Monk also made this gorgeous card. Isn't it cute?

Preparing for a bookclub meeting is so much easier with a helpful assistant on top of things.

More birthday goodies by mail. These are from Marit. So cool!

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy weekend!


  1. I really love the peeks into your world through all your posts and photos. Peaceful and creative energy. Thank you so much. Enjoy your weekend...:)

    1. It makes me so happy you like my pictures! Hope you will enjoy them for a long time to come. Happy weekend!

  2. Your pond is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Glad to see you received lots of birthday love!

    1. That's not even all of the birthday goodies, just the ones that came in the mail. I was seriously spoiled this year. Lucky me! ;-)

  3. I so look forward to your posts, I love the pictures of where you live, it looks inspiring...looks like you have some nice friends and some lovely presents. Thank you so much for sharing your world with us.

    1. Thank you so much. You make me blush! :-)


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