Sunday, February 14, 2016

Let me take you to Texel - part seven of eight

From January 15 to January 29 I vacationed on the island of Texel which is the island west of my own (Vlieland). This series is a travel report / slide show of that vacation so all my blogsy people can travel with me a little. Hope you enjoy!

Day 12 - Tuesday January 26 2016 

On this day I finally got to do the walk I had wanted to do a few days earlier, but couldn't because of the rain. A walk from the east side of the island straight across to the town where I was staying in (De Koog) on the west side. 

The weather was quite cold, but also dry and even sunny from time to time.

The landscape consisted mostly of flat farmland and offered countless endless horizons. A very different landscape from the dunes in the national park, but with its own beauty for sure.

About half way the walk I came through an old little town called De Waal. It's small and pretty and has a very unusually shaped church. 

 After that is was back to the endless fields again.

Of all the walks I took during my vacation this one was the hardest on my feet. Not so much because of the distance, but because it was entirely done on asphalt. The other walks often at least partly consisted of grass or dirt roads (and yes, some mud too, haha), but this one was entirely paved and that apparently both makes walking easier but also harder in the long run. Interesting.

I was home quite on time that day, because I walked straight back to my rental and did not have to order a bus to drive me home. So I got both a long hike and a restful late afternoon out of that day. Nice!

Day 13 - Wednesday January 27 2016

This was the most rainy day of the entire vacation. I had already seen the forecasts and had not planned anything spectacular, but decided to use a day of lesser weather to go on a bit of a shopping spree in the biggest town of Texel: Den Burg. I waited for a small dry spell in the early afternoon before I left home (leaving me with a morning of sleeping late and a lot of reading) to take the bus.

A few hours of roaming the streets of Den Burg was wonderful. They have a lot of quaint cute shops, a very good bookstore and an amazing craft store for fiber arts. It was a little piece of heaven.

Here are some impressions of that afternoon:

Den Burg may be the biggest town, but that doesn't mean it's big. I was done in a few hours and then went back home with some wonderful treasures. Some of them may have been notebooks, some of them may have been books, because you know I need both like I need a hole in the head.

I just left the bus to walk the last bit 'home' when it started to rain again. Perfect timing! Here's the view of the rainy square from my rentals kitchen window:

Another two very nice days! All in all I don't think there was a really bad day among the entire vacation. Even if it was rainy sometimes or foggy or cold or whatever I still managed to have a great time.

And so we slowly approach the final part of my report. Just one more post to go. See you then!

Have a wonderful and artsy day.