Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Let me take you to Texel - part five of eight

From January 15 to January 29 I vacationed on the island of Texel which is the island west of my own (Vlieland). This series is a travel report / slide show of that vacation so all my blogsy people can travel with me a little. Hope you enjoy!

Day 9 - Saturday January 23 2016

It seems that the weather on Texel likes a lot of variety. Every day was different from the one before. Saturday turned out to be very sunny with lot of blue skies and I was certainly not complaining about that!

I began and ended my long walk in the port town Oudeschild. The area I walked was between Oudeschild and Den Burg and partly consisted of Hoge Berg (of which I walked a part on the Tuesday before also). It is mostly farmland with canals and ditches in between and again part of the paths were very muddy, but it was such a glorious day I didn't care all that much.

This pole made me laugh.

Most of the area I walked had these wide open and very flat landscapes. Mostly farmland.

Texel is known for it's sheep and the wool that comes from them. They are everywhere, the sheep and the wool!

This is the Doolhof (literally 'the maze', but it's more in the line of 'a place to wander'). It's a lovely little wooded area in the middle of all that farmland where one can easily imagine the local elves and gnomes living.

Near the end of the walk I came past Fort De Schans. It's an old fort that has been completely restored for the public. 

After that long hike it was time to visit Oudeschild itself a bit more.

All in all Day 9 had a lot to offer don't you think?

See you all on day 10 next time! Have a good and artsy day.