Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Let me take you to Texel - part eight of eight

From January 15 to January 29 I vacationed on the island of Texel which is the island west of my own (Vlieland). This series is a travel report / slide show of that vacation so all my blogsy people can travel with me a little. Hope you enjoy! 

Well, it took me a while, but we're finally at the last installment of my travel report. I hope you are still with me, and that it's not too tedious. I just need to get these posts out of my system, so I can move back to the actual artsy stuff again.

Day 14 - Thursday January 28 2016

This was the last full day on Texel. After almost two weeks I was actually quite sated with impressions and content with how the vacation had gone so far. So I didn't really feel the need to explore new places. I did want to go an a walk though, no doubt about that!

The weather was absolutely perfect, it was spring all of a sudden with lots of sun and very pleasant temperatures.

I decided to combine parts of earlier walks into one new one and visit spots I had seen before but only in foggy or rainy weather. I walked the Alloo naturepath for instance and De Seeting.
It was a good decision as you will see:

When I was almost back at De Koog again I decided to take a little detour to the beach to visit the beach pavilion I had been before. I sat there quite blissfully for several hours contemplating my vacation, playing in my journal and eating the biggest piece of apple pie I had every had (it looks so normal on the picture, but it was really huge!). 

 After that it was time for a last stroll along the beach. Sigh....

What was left of that day I spent enjoying the peace and quiet of my lovely apartment. In a way the last day is a bit like saying goodbye to the place you enjoyed so much, and I sure did enjoy it!

Day 15 - Friday January 29 2016

This day the vacation was officially over. I got up really early to give the apartment a bit of a vacuuming, to pack and to get ready for the trip back home. I had taken a picture of this sign the day before:

There were a couple placed in De Koog on strategic sites. It says 'Until we see you again', a bit like the French 'au revoir'. I passed it regularly, but not until today was it applicable. ;-)

The journey home was long but without problems. Although I was sad to leave I was also happy to come home again. After all I myself live on a glorious island too! And I do like my own house as well.

I celebrated my homecoming (after unpacking and a load of laundry) by lighting all the candles and having a wonderful cup of tea on my couch. Yes, I used the mug I bought on Texel. ;-)

And thus ends a two week vacation. I hope you enjoyed traveling with me and I hope you liked the scenery. We're not fully done yet, because I still have the travel journal to show you, but that's for the next couple of posts. Boy, vacations are hard work on the blog! ;-)

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day.