Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Morning art and not so much morning art

Before the whole cancer ordeal I was for a long time very much into morning art. The idea was to draw or  paint or do anything creative for half an hour right after getting up and before breakfast. In the past year I had to drop that for a long time and wasn't sure if I would pick it up again.

I did draw in the morning art sketchbook from time to time and recently I have actually been trying to get my habit going again. So here are some pattern drawings from my morning art book of which some were  done randomly and others were actually done as morning art.

Morning art is still a wonderful type of meditation for me, but I am less strict about it than in the past. I do it because it is enjoyable and calms my mind before a busy day (or even a not so busy day).

The first four were drawn with Stabilo 68 pens and the last four with Crayola Supertips. I bought the Crayola because they have a larger colour range. I have the 100 set. I like them, but they are not the same quality as the Stabilo's which come in 48 colours. I wish the latter would make more colours. A girl can dream...

Hope you are cherishing some creative habits and wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day. 

Saturday, July 25, 2020

The cat lately

Today I bring  you....just some pictures of Spooky being a cat.

I sometimes feel he is more of a supervisor than an assistant.

supervising me taking his picture from just the right angle

supervising me doing a drawing in watercolour pencils

supervising me working from home

supervising me making some collage cards

supervising the mouse by sitting on it and making sure I can't get to it and being smug about that

supervising me writing in my journal

supervising me drawing on the iPad

One of the sad thing about my surgery was that he couldn't sit on my lap for several months. He's not always a lap cat, but from time to time he does like to snuggle up to me and it felt terrible to tell him no.

Also getting cancer made me worry about him. What if I couldn't take care of him anymore or would no longer be around? Luckily a local friend promised me she would take him in if that happened, which is a big weight off my shoulders. But of course now I'm better and I hope to be well for the rest of his life and not need to take her up on it.

By the way, I have an extra supervisor in this neighborhood cat. His name is Garfield and he's a regular guest in my house and not above interrupting anything I do either.

Wishing you all a furry supervisor of your own and a wonderful and artsy day!

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The island lately

In my last post I shared some everyday pictures of the past few months. But of course most of my photographs are dedicated to the beautiful island I live on and are taken on my many many many walks.
Again there's no way I can catch up on the past year, because I've taken hundreds of pictures, but here's a sample of the last few months for your viewing pleasure.

No explanations necessary I think.

The last one is actually not taken on my island, but in the port town of Harlingen where our ferry docks to get us to the main land. I liked the clouds hanging over the harbor.

Hope you enjoyed this view into the place I call home and hope that despite corona you can still get outside a little from time to time. I have never realised more how privileged I am than the last few months. Social distancing is much easier when you live in such a wide open space.

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day!

Friday, July 17, 2020

Around here lately

Okay then, let's get this show on the road. I've decided to keep up the blog for now, my posting may be less regular than before, but at least I'll be posting.

Thank you all for your kind comments both on and off the blog. It is much appreciated. And a bit of a relieve that apparently some of you still like to read blogs. ;-)

I think I'll just start with an 'around here lately' post. I know I will never catch up on more than a year of not blogging, but I can at least look back on the last few months through some photographs, right?

Here we go!

Found a heart at the beach. A blackened heart, but still...

There was a bear-hunt in our town during the height of corona. I did not have a bear, but this bunny with a hat played the part.

Spring brought fresh daffodils ....

....and beautiful blossoms.

I turned fifty! The doll was a gift from my sisters, because I'm an old lady now. A Sara. Is that just a Dutch thing?

I was spoiled with lots of flowers and gifts and cards.

This is the ferry for the island of Ameland, which for some unknown reason showed up in Harlingen where our ferry departs.

Reading magazines and artsy books. The art journal book was a birthday gift.

Participated in three readathons, this one was last April.

On Kingsday the local baker treated everyone on the island to some traditional pastry (a tompouce).

I finished several journals...

...and also started several new ones. And no, those are not all my fountain pens.

Working through this book to loosen up my drawing style and broaden my horizon.

Learned how to make a facemask...

... and then made several more.

Quiet Sunday mornings are the best.

Playing in the studio.

Got tendonitis. The official name is Quervain Syndrome, which is a fancy name for a shitty thing.

Lots of drawing on the iPad.

My latest journal acquisition plus some cute cat paperclips that I couldn't resit. This journal is now in use.

Testing out papers, because sometimes you have to know what it can take.

Me on the ferry with facemask and wrist brace. I look decidedly dangerous. ;-)

And that's been my world in a nutshell recently.

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day.