Monday, July 13, 2015

Tiny mandalas

As you may or may not know on my birthday I always receive a ton of gift certificates and last birthday (in April) was no different. I usually spend those certificates on the things I love the most: books and artsy stuff. And sometimes on books about artsy stuff.

One of the things I bought with this years certificates was a tiny canson sketchbook. It measures 5.5 x 3.5 inches (about 9 x 14 cm) and the thing I liked about it is that it's hardbound but it opens flat. I usually don't like small bound sketchbooks because they are uncomfortable to work in, so this was perfect for me.

Now what to do with a tiny sketchbook like that?
Well, it just so happens that I started painting mandalas in my morning painting practice. You haven't seen them yet, but they will show up here eventually in future blogposts. Anyway, all of a sudden I'm infatuated with mandalas and I decided to dedicate this little sketchbook to little hand drawn mandalas.

Here are the first ten I did:

They were all drawn with either a black fine-liner or drawing pen and coloured in with Stabilo 68 felt tip pens. They were also the perfect art to do during a heatwave. It was so warm last week that I couldn't be in my studio so I had to make art on my lounge chair outside (I know, life is so tough, haha).

I have no idea where this new infatuation will take me, but I look forward to having a tiny book filled with tiny mandalas one day. I think it will give me just as much pleasure as my moleskine full of patterns is giving me.

Hope you are infatuated with something lovely too and wishing you a wonderful and artsy day!