Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Morning Paintings #131-140

This set of morning paintings marks the start of my fourth sketchbook. When I see them lying together on the table they are not even that impressive, but when I realize that I just finished my 150th painting last week I am still pretty impressed with myself! ;-)

Here are paintings number 131 to 140:

#131 - Sloppy Flowers

#132 - Loose Flowers

#133 - An Exercise In Patience

#134 - Flowers

#135 - Flower Pattern

#136 - Flowers On Blue

#137 - Mail Order Catalogue Girl

#138 - Mail Order Catalogue Girl

#139 - Quilt

#140 - Flowers In A Field

Numbers 134 and 135 were done at my sisters house and especially #134 was a new experience, because it was the first time I had an actual audience while I was painting! Since it was only my sister it didn't make me nervous, but it was really unusual to have somebody sitting across the table from me while I was doing this daily practice that is usually so private.

As you can see I am still very much into painting flowers. It's interesting how these preferences develop over time. Most of my paintings can be divided into flowers, portraits, patterns and abstract nonsense. I guess it's true what they say: keep working at it and you find your own style. ;-)

Wishing you a wonderful and artsy day.