Sunday, June 28, 2015

Morning Paintings #121-130

Still painting every morning, usually before breakfast. I say 'usually' because every now and then now it is a warm day and I want to get my morning walk in extra early, so then I walk before I paint. But oh well, as long as the painting gets done, who cares? ;-)

I'm proud to say that since my Texel vacation in March I have not skipped even one day and I think that's pretty cool.

Here are ten more paintings:

#121 - Scale Pattern

#122 - Abstract Flowers

#123 - Big Monochrome Flowers

#124 - Rainbow Circles

#125 - Flower Pattern

#126 - Pattern

#127 - Pattern

#128 - A Bit Of Colourful Nonsense

#129 - Flowers On Red

#130 - Mail Order Catalogue Girl

With painting number 130 I finished my third sketchbook full of morning paintings! Here it is standing up loud and proud: 

I'm happily working in sketchbook number four now and nearing my 150th painting. It is so good to know that even if I don't do anything else at all this year I will at least have a lot of paintings to my name. This means a lot to somebody who is always wondering if she is productive enough. (Yes, I know, I need help, haha.)

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day!


  1. I can't even begin to tell you how inspiring I find your morning paintings - every time you post them I'm encouraged - look, there she is, meeting herself in color on the page and letting what happens, happen. OMG - thank you!!

  2. Je 'morning paintings' werken echt stimulerend je krijgt onmiddellijk zin om er in te vliegen , geeft het jou ook soms zo een 'kick' (voldoening) als je door je eigen schetsboeken bladert ? ... je bent echt wel productief hoor .. geen twijfel mogelijk !

    1. Ja het is wel stoer als je ziet hoe de schilderingen zich 'opstapelen', daar word ik zeker blij van! ;-)

  3. So impressive, Caatje! (I love that sideways view of your book!)

  4. I always enjoy your morning paintings. I love going on walks with and seeing all of your other adventures thank you for sharing all that you do!

    1. You're more than welcome, Dianna, thanks for reading and looking at the things I share. :-)

  5. You are so creative and inspiring! Wonderful to see your work!


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