Friday, June 19, 2015

Morning Paintings #111-120

Time for another batch of morning paintings.
Still going strong, still loving it. ;-)

#111 - Three big flowers

#112 - Nonsense

#113 - Symmetry

#114 - Tree

#115 - Spring

#116 - Nonsense again

#117 - Flowers on lilac

#118 - Flower pattern

#119 - Fan Flowers (inspired by the shape of my electrical fan!)

#120 - Abstract flowers

In this series of paintings I really started to enjoy drawing flowers with black paint. I also love that you can go back in with a wet brush and create some gray colours to fill in some of the white. It gives a bit more life to the paintings.

Also in general I am really enjoying drawing with my paintbrush. I love the feel of it and the unpredictability of the lines. I feel these morning paintings are really starting to teach me some control over my brush strokes, not too much though, I like the surprises. ;-)

Hope you are all happily making or arting or doing whatever else lights up your life.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hi Carin,
    More lovely prints! I especially like the black ink flowers with the color washes. I can just imagine them on fabric done up as a pretty summer skirt or dress. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend!

    Mary HJ

    1. Thanks Mary, hope you have/had a wonderful weekend too.

  2. What a wonderful way to start the day! It must leave you feeling full of joy whatever the weather

    1. Thank you Lottie, weather never bothers me, but a painting is always a good way to start the day. :-)

  3. When you use markers or ink on top of the gouache in your morning paintings, how do you have enough time for the paint to dry? Do you use a dryer? (contemplating starting a bit of art journaling ... ) :-)

    1. Well, gouache dries very quickly actually, but yes, I do have a hair dryer to help speed things along. I think it's one of my most indispensable tools! ;-)

  4. How wonderful that you have found a daily creative practice that works for you!

    1. Thanks Andria, as long as it makes me happy I'll keep going.


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