Thursday, June 25, 2015


I had not worked in my doodle book for a while, so recently I thought I would fill a couple of pages with my nonsense drawings in ink and then colour them in with coloured pencils.

Sometimes I like to put some colour on the background and sometimes I like to leave the background as is. And sometimes....sometimes I just like to fill every last little spot on a page with colour!

All these drawings measure 25 x 25 cm (that's 10 x 10 inches for you non metric people).

In this book I only fill the right pages even though I like the look of filling both pages much better. The problem is that coloured pencil can rub off on the previous page if you start working on the next page. So better safe than sorry.

Doodling like this is a strange joy. It is relaxing, but it also takes a lot of patience, especially the last one.  I suppose if I worked on smaller pages it would not be such a hassle, but...I kind of like the challenge of filling a somewhat bigger page. I say somewhat bigger, because I've seen people online fill entire walls with their doodling, so basically I'm just an amateur, haha.

Hope you are doing something fun in your sketchbook and wishing you a wonderful and artsy day!


  1. You are so right when you say doodling has such a calming effect. I like all the pages but, the last one is my favorite.
    Have a nice weekend.

    1. Thanks Barb, hope you have a wonderful weekend too!


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