Thursday, January 31, 2013

Boo to the flu!

It's been going around as they say and last week it found me: the flu! I've pretty much been incapacitated since last Tuesday. The only reason there were posts on this blog last week is because I had preplanned them, so let's all praise that little technical gem that Blogger offers, otherwise it would have been quiet for two weeks.

The weapons to fight the flu with. They don't help.

Anyway I didn't have anything planposted yet for this week so that's why it's been quiet around here and also why I haven't been coming to your blogs and sites and discussion groups. I just thought I'd post this so you all knew where I went off to. 

The nest I built on my couch when I was well enough to at least read a little again.

I did start work again today for the first time in eight days and that's pretty much all I have energy for right now. So...I hope you will understand the little break in blogging and artsy stuff. Next week I will be back (unless the flu finds me a second time, but I'm trying to hide from it with a vengeance). See you then!

Until then I hope you all are having a wonderful artsy time without me.


  1. I'm hoping that you'll soon be in tip top shape. Take care of yourself!

  2. Van Harte Beterschap. Doe veel inspiratie op voor de komende periode of gewoon lekker even niks.
    Groetjes Helmie.

  3. Achosh... wat vervelend nou. Maar zo te horen heb je het ergste achter de rug... nu nog aansterken en energie terugvinden. Sterkte hoor! (P.S. vanmorgen voelde ik ook een soort van 'dikke keel' ... neehè.... het zet nog niet door vandaag dus even afwachten maar...)

  4. I sure hope you feel better soon, but make sure you do get the proper rest that your body needs. Linda E.

  5. He bah. Vervelend!
    Ik hoop dat je snel weer opknapt en met frisse neusholtes weer aan het craften kunt.

  6. O jeetje...jij ook al je hoort niet anders, hoop dat het mijn deur voorbij gaat! Wens beterschap!!

  7. I hope you feel better Caatje! >^..^<


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