Friday, January 25, 2013

Another beautiful lady

My practice of drawing beautiful ladies in beautiful dresses continues. I keep using the same wedding magazine as my supply of models, even though the eventual drawing is not really anything like the original. It's just to inspire a pose and a shape. The rest is all me...sort of...;-)

This time it's not a full figure pose, but I liked the image so much that I just had to use it. I drew the girl in pencil and then went over the lines with a drawing pen. Then I did a sort of underpainting in brush markers and defined the details and shadows with a top layer in coloured pencil. I then did the background in a light watercolour wash with a top of coloured pencil and some butterfly stamps.

Here's some more detailed shots:

I really like the effect of the pencils on top of the markers. I wasn't sure it would work, but it did. I will definitely try that technique again. Actually that's one of the other fun parts in this series: the different ways there are to colour in these ladies.

Hope you like her and wish you all a wonderful and artsy weekend!


  1. Stunning Caatje... she is so beautiful... aren't wedding books wonderful inspiration... I just borrowed a little bundle from the library today...

    Jenny ♥

    1. I felt really strange buying one of those magazines. I have no interest in weddings whatsoever, but those dresses, oh those dresses! ;-)

  2. Mooi Caatje, mooi! Mooie kleuren en de details van haar huid en haar zijn prachtig!

    1. Fijn dat je dat zegt, want ik blijf dat allemaal maar moeilijk vinden hoor.

  3. Very pretty, Caatje. I like your attention to the background.


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