Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What are you up to Wednesday - part 48 (woyww 164)

Well, summer has finally found the Netherlands and I've never been so pleased to live on an island where there is a lot of wind, otherwise I'd go insane from the heat. Unfortunately there's not much wind in my studio and it does lie directly under a slanted roof that has the sun on it all day, so you can imagine it's warm in there right now. This may explain why my desk looks like this:

Not much going on there! I worked at this table last Monday night and since then have shied away from it. I cleaned up the desk right after a little project in my Studio Book (which lies at the bottom of this stack and I'll show you later) and that was that.

The book on top of the stack is one that Lynette mentioned on her blog a few months ago and it turns out to be a real treasure trove for flower lovers. It's full of drawn images of flowers, leafs, trees and pods and seeds. I was blown away by it and the best part is that you may copy from it freely. There's also a cd included if you want to go digital with them. All in all not a bad addition to my collection.

Downstairs is still where the journaling goes on and right now I'm halfway through this spread:

Can you see the hole in the tablecloth in front of the journal? That's the handy work of my lovely assistant! Yes, he does try to do his part around the house. ;-)

On top of the boxes you can see the one red tombow brushmarker that I got from my friend Monk. It doesn't fit inside! Still waiting for my stash of them to arrive, but that will be a few weeks waiting yet. I'm not impatient, oh no, I just want to have it all right now!

Not working in the studio does not mean nothing gets done, by the way. Last night I sat in front of my tv, fulfilling my geeky need for the supernatural by watching SyFy, and played with coloured pencils in my Out of the Studio Book. 

Coloured pencils are like a mystery to me that I really want to unravel. I have actually ordered some books on them so I may get to the bottom of them sometime in the future. You can do amazing things with them, I just don't know how to do them yet, haha.

So I just drew and colored the above bit of 'nonsense'. I always call my abstract doodly stuff  nonsense, but I mean it in a good way and I had fun doing the above page. It took several hours to finish. There's a lot of layering going on there, but I can also tell I have a lot to learn.

And that's how things are with me this Wednesday. Now hop on over to Julia's and check out other people's blogs to see what they're up to!

Wishing you all a wonderful artsy Wednesday!


  1. I think if my crafty room was hot I would not be in there either. Thankful for our central air conditioning in this Texas(in USA) 100+ degree (f) temps this summer!! Love your journal book pages. So pretty!
    ~Sandy #118 WOYWW
    sandy's crafty creations

  2. Ben op dit moment jaloers op jouw winderige eiland. Ga zelfs binnen eten omdat het buiten te warm is.
    Die assistent van je helpt niet echt, maar is wel lief toch :-))

  3. LOL I do an awful lot of doodling while planted in front of some show on SyFy..

  4. Hi Caatje - love your journal pages - lovely colour & tonal values & designs ! I am taking the Watercolour Pencil class on the website - I was like you - wanting to use the watercolour pencils but not having much of a clue what to do with them ! I am really enjoying the classes - you might enjoy looking into them ? Have a great week ! Ali #97

  5. I can't wait to get back to my art journals. You inspire me so much! I'm not letting myself work on anything until my granddaughter's quilt is finished since she'll be here next month!

  6. Love the colored pencil piece! I hope to someday invest in a really good set so that, as I learn, I can come up with something worthwhile. The flower motif book looks intriguing! :)

  7. Gorgeous journal pages Caatje... color pencils are so much fun... aren't they... still seems so funny to hear you talk of how hot it is... when I am sitting as close to the heater as I can be... rugged up... today is so bleak and cold... and raining...

    Have a wonderful day...
    Jenny x

  8. Please can you show a couple of pages from your plant and flower book? I love illustrations like that so would be very interested to see!! I am too hot as well, but there is a bit of a breeze today which is lovely!!!
    Hugs, LLJ #28 xx

    1. Jan, I won't be posting images of the insides of this book on my blog (because of copyright), but mail me privately and I'll send you some pictures so you can get an idea. Also left a message on your blog about this.

  9. Het is inderdaad nogal warm in huis... ook hier - en wij leven dan niet eens op een eiland dus ja het is errug heet! Vooral op kantoor, waar de computers warmte extra staan uit te braken... ik kom niet aan werken toe en blogs bezoeken staat ook op een laag pitje... hier dus even een snel commentaartje en dan trek ik me terug in de schaduw waar ik maar eens een art journal op m'n knietjes ga balanceren en kijken of ik nog wat creatiefs kan doen in plaats van 'letters vreten'(wat ik de afgelopen dagen deed... al 4 boeken gelezen!)

  10. I LOVE your journal page. Colouring is such fun!
    Happy crafting. Michelle #148

  11. Enjoy your new book - look forward to seeing what it inspires :-)


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