Monday, July 30, 2012

Fun with a mailorder catalogue - part one - quick sketches

As I have mentioned a couple times already in the past posts my artsy friend Monk was visiting the island recently and when you have an artsy friend over you can't help but be inspired. We talked art, we sketched together, we did the sketchcrawl together, we visited local museums and checked out each others latest art.

And...she showed me some samples of the online classes she's taking. Specifically she was taking classes by Jane Davenport called 'Supplies me' and 'I heart drawing'. Now I don't know if you know Jane, but she draws a lot of girls and women, some whimsical, some more fashionable and some more realistic. All equally amazing. 

I immediately wanted to take those classes too, especially 'I heart drawing' but my budget is a little tight right now and they are not cheap, so I will have to put that off to a later time. However, the idea of drawing girls/women, especially fashion like figures did not let me go.

I have always drawn girls. My school notebooks were filled with them ever since I was little and I guess watching samples of the class my friend took rekindled that old flame.

Shortly after she left I was still so full of inspiration that one very late night instead of going to bed I got out the tombow marker she gave me, a cheap notebook and...a mail order catalogue that was still lying on my table. And I thought...why not? Why not draw some mail order catalogue girls?

And there I went drawing some really quick sketches. They are not good, but that was so not the point of them anyway, they were a way to vent out my enthousiasm, just so I could get some sleep without bursting at the seams from all those ideas running around in my head.

Doing these six sketches can't have taken more than 15 or 20 minutes, and it was so much fun! And it started a week of mail order catalogue art that I will be sharing with you this week. This was part one in a series of three. Hope you enjoyed it.

Wishing you all a very artsy and happy week!