Friday, July 13, 2012

Some pictures of the past week

I wanted to show some journal spreads today, but I didn't feel like editing pictures. I'm a little under the weather right now. You know that feeling where you might get sick or it might just pass. Some coughing, some sore throat, this tired feeling in your body. Nothing major, but not exactly right either. We'll see how it turns out.

Anyway, I decided to make it a quicky blogpost with some photographs I took this week. Nothing wrong with pretty pictures, right?  And you'll get the journal spreads later, I promise.

Went on an extra long walk.

Watched my town get smaller the farther I went.

Flowers were blooming in the fields.

Flowers were blooming in the dunes.

Put up my feet on a rainy afternoon. My assistant joined me.

Went on a trip with my coworkers.

Got some new shoes, all equally comfortable. Fashion be damned!

Went to the city of Harlingen for a meeting.

Watched my assistant being cute. A. Lot.

This weekend will be an artsy one, as I'll be spending tomorrow drawing with a visiting friend checking out the local museums. It's an interenational sketchcrawl day and this is how we will honor it.  Looking forward to it too. Just hope I don't really get sick. Keep your fingers crossed for me and have yourself a wonderful weekend!

PS: A special welcome to all the folks who came here through Jennibellie's blog. Hope you enjoy it here!


  1. Oh, you are a bad, bad, girl. You had to mention Harlingen, didn't you? I just spent far too much time in Google Maps wandering around the waterfront and much of the town.

    I may just have to sketch some of what I've seen,


  2. How lovely of you to finish with a special hello for those who followed from jennibellies blog. Hope you are feeling better soon x

  3. Hi Caatje! I hope and pray that you're well and strong and will have lots of drawings to show us from the Sketchcrawl. I'm sure Peer will help you to feel better not matter what. I love your pictures! Your island...and life look wonderful to me.


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