Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tell All Tuesday!

This post will basically tell you to go to another blog as fast as you can! And not just anybody's blog: I'm talking about the blog of the wonderful Jenny Clay, known to a lot of art journaling fans as Jennibellie. Her blog Jennibellie Studio is a wonderful source of inspiration and information. You will love what she does with recycled materials and how creative she is when it comes to journal making and journaling.

My favorite part of what she does online however is her youtube channel. There's few people out there who will share so generously everything they know without charging for it or asking anything in return. She really is a great example of how the blogosphere should be as far as I am concerned. Just people sharing their passion.

Tell All Tuesday by Jennibellie

Several weeks ago Jenny approached me with a wonderful idea that she calls Tell All Tuesday. In this series on her blog (indeed posted on Tuesdays) she asks artists all kinds of nosy questions on the things that may not be so easy to talk about. Things like what's hard about art making or what do really you get out of it. You know, the deeper stuff. She asked me if I would like to be one of the featured artists and well...duh...of course I did! I love talking about art and my process and I love answering nosy questions.

The series started a few weeks ago and this week it's my turn. You can find my interview here.

The cool thing is: you can be in this series too if you think you have something to say about art making and being an artist. Jennibellie is looking for artists to keep her series going for a while. You can find the info on the sidebar of her blog.

Now get out of here and go over there!


  1. I hopped over here from the Jennibelle Studio blogs 'Tell all Tuesday. Your work is just gorgeous! Really love your journal pages and look forward to seeing more of your work. Thanx for the inspiration! :)


  2. Also here from Jennibellie's blog...and now I'm a follower of yours, too! Love your journals, and the interview was great :)

  3. Wat gaaf! Je bent een echte beroemdheid inmiddels!!

    1. Hihi, héb ik eindelijk nieuwe schoenen gekocht, moet ik er weer naast gaan lopen. :-)

  4. I'm a huge fan of Jennibellie and also a long time follower of your site Caatje. I'm way to shy to go to Jenni's blog and tell her I want to be in tell all Tuesday. Great interview:)

  5. Super interview, Caatje! How fun! I've just started going to Jennibellie's blog, and have been amazed by all the projects and ideas she shares. Talk about too many ideas to ever complete...I think I would be overwhelmed just by the ideas on her blog! Congrats on your guest appearance...your art looks great.

  6. Your blog is stunning, I have just stumbled across it. I am going to subscribe and explore some more later. Stunning!! :)

  7. She is cool - you are too :-) Great interview

  8. Followed you from the interview. Love your style...especially your Eve journal page! Splendid!

  9. I just hopped over to read the inteview... love your answers! Congrats with this spotlight-spot!

  10. Thnx for sharing!
    I'd never heard of her blog and I love it, so it's definite follow!


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