Friday, December 2, 2011

Cell phone case

As one of the last people on the planet (okay, I may be exaggerating here) I got a smartphone this week. I was ever so thrilled with my new toy, except for one thing: how to protect that big screen from unwanted damage?

For my last phone I had an actual phone sock, that I bought at a store, but that wouldn't fit this new phone, because for the first time in my sixteen year career as a cell phone user my new phone is actually bigger than my old one!

Now I know you can buy all sorts of cases, but the problem is that I won't be anywhere near a store or market where I can get them anytime soon and online the prices were so ridiculously high that I simply refused to buy one there. What to do?

These are the times when it's good to be a little creative. I figured: why not make one myself? Indeed, why not? So off I went to my sewing room, gathered some small pieces of fabric and some ribbon and voilà: here's my very own handmade cell phone case!

It's a really simple design.

I stitched the ribbon all over the case.

The inside is a contrasting fabric with fiberfill for extra softness.

It ties with a ribbon.
I'm quite proud of my little 'design'. It was really very easy to make. The only thing I may not care for so much is the ribbon that ties it up. If I had my choice I would have used some velcro or a press on button, but I didn't have any of those in the house and I needed something NOW. But I may yet make another one in the future that has a little more practical closing.

For now however it will serve me well in protecting the screen of my brand new toy. Yay!

Wishing all of you a very nice and artsy weekend!


  1. De laatste met een smartphone??? Sinds 3 weken heb ik een mobiele telefoon - Ja, je hoort het goed, mijn EERSTE, GEWONE, MOBIELE TELEFOON!! Ik moet nog alle 'ins en outs' van het sms-en leren en kan er verder alleen mee bellen en gebeld worden (schrik er elke keer van, en weet amper hoe ik dan op moet nemen...) Jaaaa... ze zijn er nog. De 'die hards' (of 'ouwe tuttebellen - wat je wilt) Zelfs mijn ouders hebben al járen een mobieltje. Ahum. Sorry voor mijn geratel. Een mobiele 'phone' maakt dat even bij mij los... ennuh, ik moet ook nog een 'hoesje'. Misschien haal ik ook de naaimachine maar tevoorschijn!

  2. oowwwww wat ziet dat er leuk uit! Mooie kleurtjes!

  3. Very clever! I like your design, and the colors. I agree that a Velcro closure might be more convenient. Have fun with it!

  4. Wish I'd thought of this before smashing my screen to bits! Oops! It's so pretty1 I like the ribbon, though I can see it would be a bit impractical - maybe your next one could have a pretend ribbon fastening over a more practical one?! Lovely anyway!x

  5. Loving this case, I agree it's very useful being creative in times of 'I need it NOW' lol

  6. Nice. Een kraal en een lusje van lint gaat ook..?


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