Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What are you up to Wednesday - part 33 (woyww 132)

High time for another Wednesday post, especially since I skipped last week. This week the desk in my studio looks like this, a bunch of paper scraps.

Better late than never I have finally started working on my christmas cards. Most of last night was spent picking out papers and loose elements that I wanted to put together on a card, and folding cream colored paper into the base of the cards. The cards will be square shaped.

Above is my first try for a lay out for one of the cards. I guess you could call this my test card. I really wanted to do stitched cards this year, so....that's what I did! ;-) I love stitching paper to paper. I have no idea why, but there's just something about it that just really makes me very happy. It took me a while to figure out what look I was going for, but eventually I had a concept that I liked which involved a patterned paper background, some loose paper elements and a piece of ribbon. I stitch those together and then stitch the little collage on the card. So far I have only finished three cards.

I really like how they are turning out. Each card will be unique, but all done in a similar style. I will make about 30 cards in total, so I still have 27 to go. I'd better get going tonight, 'cause I want to have them finished this weekend so I can send them in time for christmas.

Hope you are all having an artsy Wednesday too!