Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A free sketching course for people who cannot draw (through twitter)

Well, I've sort of made the press again, in a very small way this time, but for a very fun reason.

My friends Monique (Monk) and Loes are the organizers of the Dutch Sketchcrawl in the city of Gouda and as you know I have attended this lovely event several times now and hope to attend coming january as well.
Anyway...they have now come up with the brilliant idea of offering a fun free drawing class on twitter. It's especially for people who think they cannot draw. To prove everybody wrong, the participants will get their sketching diploma up front! ;-)

For the Dutchies: here's a newspaper article about it (if you look very closely you'll see my name is mentioned too, oh my, I'm so famous right now, haha). The woman in the picture is Loes. She makes wonderful meticulous art, which you can see here. Monk you may already know from some of my previous posts, you can find her stuff here.

My friends wrote the prompts and tweets in Dutch, but they wanted an international version too and that's where I came in, because they have asked me to translate the tweets into english. Now I'm not a twitter person at all, so I will not really be a part of any further organization, but it was fun to see what they will put out there and I think many people will be inspired by it. So in short, this is a shameless piece of promotion for my two prolific friends. If you're interested you can join them at twitter over here. Enjoy!


  1. thanks for this Caatje, just signed up... (-:

  2. does this mean I know somebody FAMOUS?!?!

  3. This looks fab! I've just been over to sign up too! Trying to get back to drawign more again (seems to be a permanent state for me doesn't it?!) so anything to help that along! thanks!x

  4. Dank, dank!!
    veel succes op je-helemaal-van-de-buitenwereld-afgesloten-eilandje (je hebt toch wel genoeg eten, drinken en creaspul in huis -> op alles voorbereid zijn;))

  5. How fabulous Caatje... does sound like lots of fun... I, was one of those who thought I couldn't draw... and was amazed to realize that I could... so I just LOVE this idea...

    Have a happy week
    Jenny x

  6. Wat een leuk initiatief! Lief van je, dat je de boel een beetje promoot!

  7. Very cool! I love Loes's handcarved stamps, as well as the way she styles them to take photos for Flickr.


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