Monday, December 19, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like

Well, my sewing machine has been working overtime (and so have I) to get them finished, but here they are: 30 christmas cards all ready to send out! Don't they look colorful all together like that.

I am so relieved they are done. I love stitching paper, but when you're kind of working against a deadline it also becomes a chore and the chair at my sewing machine is not really a good one, so my back starts to ache pretty quickly.

Maybe I should put a new chair on my wishlist for the new year. I do like sewing a lot and I would get more done if I could sit more comfortably. 

I love how the cards turned out though. And also how they are all unique and still follow the same kind of format. I'm thinking they would make a nice gift for someone. An idea to put on the back burner for next year.

I hope the people who receive them will like them too. I myself love receiving handmade cards. I like it when people put in that little extra.

On an non christmassy note, which is probably only interesting for the Dutchies among you:  I will be a guest blogger at a dutch blog this week! I have always wondered about how guest blogging works and now I get the experience of being one. Very cool indeed! ;-)

It's a blog called Round Robin Notebook and is mostly about and for a group of dutchies who are sharing a round robin notebook experience and art journaling. You can find the blog here. I will be posting on Monday (today), Wednesday and Friday.

I was very honored to be asked and I hope the readers of that blog will like my posts. Please take a look if you want, 'cause they have had some wonderful posts in the past and also some very interesting guest bloggers.

On the cat front all is well. Peer is so sweet, but also a little reckless sometimes, especially when he smells food. He just literally jumps right into things! ;-) But already we are enjoying nice cosy couch sessions together where I read and he cuddles up next to me. Boy, I missed that!

Wishing you all a wonderful artsy week!