Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What are you up to Wednesday - part 32 (woyww 130)

I didn't do a Wednesday post last week (for obvious reasons see my last post), but this week I am back in the studio. The state of my worktable is like this:

What you are seeing is a map of the moon. It comes from the atlas I am preparing to be one of my next journals. The map of the moon is divided in all these sections and those I am coloring in with metallic pencils. I have just started this, so there's not much to see yet, but I'm hoping to get a nice colorful checkered effect with the map of the moon still showing through. The end result will be used for the back cover of the atlas.

You may remember from my last Wednesday post (two weeks ago) that I was working on another image from the same atlas, which was a picture of the earth in space taken from the moon. I filled in all the black space with metallic pencils. That image is done and has been attached to the front of the atlas. The front cover now looks like this:

The atlas is lying on a pile of stuff next to my worktable (I like my piles of stuff at hand, haha). I covered the image with a sheet of acetate and then attached it to the cover with duct tape. The sheet of acetate will protect the image from damage and I like the rugged somewhat industrial effect of the duct tape, as if the whole thing is held together by it. I will do the back cover in the same way.

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Wishing you all a wonderfully artsy Wednesday as well!