Friday, December 9, 2011

Good mail week!

This week I'm being showered with wonderful stuff that's coming through my mailbox and I'm not talking about the one online! Let's take a look at all the goodies, shall we?

First one that I ordered myself. As you may or may not know I am an ever growing tape addict and my favorite place to shop online is Pretty Tape on Etsy. They deliver fast and they have a wonderful selection of washi tapes and other pretty tapes. After buying tons and tons of patterned tapes I really wanted some plain colored tapes. Here's what came into my mailbox:

Okay, so I still ordered two patterned tapes, but don't you just love that set of 12 colored tapes?

Another wonderful envelope came from Loes (see my last post if you don't know who she is). Here's what she sent me:

A pretty envelope and handmade card and the original version of the newspaper article about the free twitter drawing class. But what I loved the most is the thing on the bottom. It's a handcarved butterfly stamp! Isn't it gorgeous? I love it when people send me handmade things I can use in my art, and I love butterflies, so this is the perfect little gift. Thank you so much Loes!

I'm saving the best for last, because this one is going to take a lot of pictures to fully show. As you may recall (and if you don't, check my tutorial section) I did a tutorial on how to make mixed media houses a while ago. Every now and then people will still contact me about it and this is what happened with Kay Dixon. Not only did she say she liked the tutorial (which of course totally strokes my ego the right way), she also sent me some pictures of what she and her friend Sheri had made with it. This is what they did:

Kay's houses

Sheri's houses
Is that cool or what? I cannot tell you how it makes my day when people show me what they do with the tutorials or just tell me about them. This is exactly why I do this stuff, to let other people share in the fun that is art making!

Anyway, Kay not only showed me the beautiful art they made, she also said she wanted to send me some stuff through the snailmail to use in my art. That was a few weeks ago, so I kindof forgot about it after that and then I found this in my mailbox:

A beautifully decorated envelope filled to the brim with goodies. To prove just how much was in there I will tell you that I cheated a little on the above picture. I took it after I had already seen everything inside and wanted to put it all back in, but it wouldn't fit! So not only is Kay incredibly generous, she's some kind of miracle worker! ;-)

Take a look at what's inside and try not to loose your breath like I did!

Yup, that's right, seven packages, a nice notecard and a pretty bookpage!

One pretty envelope full of labels and tags.

One translucent envelope full of collage ephemera.

One doily full of ribbons and fibers and lace.

One blue envelope with collage images.

A gorgeous decorated envelope full of labels.

And another gorgeous envelope with beautiful tags made by Kate's friends.

As I was unpacking all these goodies I kept saying things like 'No way!', 'She's crazy!', 'This is too much!' and the word 'Wow!' may have been repeated about a gazillion times. To make a long story short, I am absolutely delirious with joy over such generosity and all these goodies. Thank you Kay, thank you so much!

That's my show and tell for today. ;-) Wishing you all a wonderful artsy weekend!