Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Pages from the Spiral Book (the journal)

As I'm writing this I just finished the journal I only recently introduced to you, The Spiral Book. But I still have at least one more post beside this one to show you from it, so blogwise I'm not done with it yet. ;-)

Here are some page spreads from this journal, a journal that I really enjoyed working in.

A lot of these page were done around the time I had to say goodbye to my sweet assistant so they have special memories attached for me. Even the drawing of the sailboat. That was done the day after when a sweet friend kept me company and we sat on the dyke around the town and sketched together. Its always special to me how such warmth can accompany such sorrow. That's what makes life precious and it's good to keep a journal if only to become aware of things like that.

The doodle drawings I already showed you in a previous post, but now you can see how they are mixed into the journal. I enjoy doing whatever I feel like doing on my pages and often it's just writing, but there's always room for art too, if I want it.

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day!


  1. I love seeing your pages as they are. Your sense of order and composition is very soothing to me. What was funny was that when I opened the email with this post in it and just saw the top of that red and black design on the screen, my first thought was "what beautiful fabric"!! I love the photos and sketch of your assistant. I hope you continue healing from his loss. I think many of us have "assistants" who don't appear to do anything practical to further our chores, but who assist by being present for our souls.

    1. Thanks for you kind words Judith. I am doing much better even though I still miss my assistant. He was indeed no good at assisting at all, but he was excellent at being the most affectionate cat ever. Good memories will soon replace the sad ones.

  2. Weer heerlijk genoten van je mooie invulling , misschien inspireer ik me nog wel is hier op om mijn spiraalschetsboek dat al een tijdje in de "wachtzaal" ligt ook op deze manier te gaan gebruiken , wie weet !


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