Thursday, September 24, 2015

A weekend getaway - day three

While my vacation is progressing I am showing you pictures of my last trip, a weekend getaway to the island of Schiermonnikoog, where I went a few weeks ago.

On the third day of my weekend trip (Sunday) I went on one very long walk around the island. Well, the part that has paths on it that is. It's more to the east of the island and it has a feeling of incredible space as you will see in some of the pics I took. For the most part this day was a bit more grey, but at least it stayed dry and that's what really matters!

Here's an impression of one long Schiermonnikoog walk:

Don't you just love those wooden bridges?

I know the above pictures give the idea that the place was deserted, but there were quite a lot of people out and about. I just waited time and again until they were out of sight. I don't like people in my landscape pictures. Especially on the bridges this took some patience, because there were a lot of cyclists and every time I thought 'yes, now!' another one would come around the bend. ;-)

After that long walk I rested for a little bit in the apartment and then I went for a last visit to the seaside near my building. There I shot these two pics: 

That last one is my absolute favorite of the entire trip. I think it would look really cool if I had it printed in a very big size and framed it. I also wish I was an accomplished oil painter, because I feel this scene begs to be painted by someone who's really good at ultra realistic paintings. You know, somebody who's not me.

I did paint a little though, because my morning painting practice continued, but that's for next post. For now I wish you a wonderful and artsy day.


  1. Thanks for sharing your get away! The views are fantastic.

  2. The last picture is my favorite, too! Wonderful shot!

  3. Die 'verlatenheid' maakt het super aantrekkelijk en ja de laatste foto nodigt uit om geschilderd te worden maar ik zou constant getriggerd worden door de lokroep van warme chocolademelk met een pannenkoekje of bevind ik me nu net in een suikerdip haha

    1. Haha, als iemand die net vanmiddag nog een regenbui ontvluchtte door in een kleine herberg een warme chocolademelk met slagroom en appeltaart, ook met slagroom, te nemen, mag ik daar niks over zeggen. :-)


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