Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fifty little paintings in a row

Well, I have reached a little milestone a short while ago: I did my fiftieth morning painting! Fifty little paintings in a row, who would have thought I could do that? I was pretty proud of myself I can tell you.

Meanwhile I have done more paintings already, but here are the morning paintings right untill number fifty.

#43 - "Garden"

#44 - "Fast Flowers"

#45 - "Sarah 2"

#46 - "Tree Silhouettes"

#47 - "Simple Flowers"

#48 - "Mail Order Catalogue Girl"

#49 - "Branch"

#50 - "Mail Order Catalogue Girl"

As you can see the last few paintings I have been experimenting with a coloured background - sometimes decorated with white or beige paint marker - and then drawing with black paint on top of that. I think it's good practice for brush movements to learn to get the brush to do exactly what I want. I am really enjoying this drawing with a paint brush and I like the effect also. And black gouache is just so beautiful.

I love how these morning paintings have no real consistency in them, I just follow whatever I feel like doing at the moment and when I'm tired of that I start to do something else.

No rules, just paint. That seems to be the motto of these paintings and it's working well for me.

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy day.