Wednesday, May 1, 2013 tried to draw a horse...

As you may remember my online friend Anoeschka asked me to draw her and her horse Ullah. You can see my first attempts at drawing Anoeschka here, but that's not really what intimidated me. It was the horse that was the real challenge. I actually remember that the last time I drew a horse I was somewhere in my teens and it was after a calendar picture and it did turn out quite nice, but I'm not exactly a horse expert let alone an expert at drawing them.

Anyway I figured the only way to learn is to try and just do it, so here are my first attempts in at least 25 years of drawing a horse. It. Was. Hard.

A real quick impression in brush pen.

One in tombow markers and then diluted with some water.

In graphite pencil (a soft lead).

Now I have no delusions about the quality of these drawings and they were done fast just to get a feeling for the shape of a horses head. I do like the essence of them though, I think I captured something of the original Ullah. Still...I obviously need to learn a lot about drawing horses. I probably shouldn't quit my day job and become a professional horse drawer. ;-)

Now all these try outs of Anoeschka and Ullah are supposed to prepare me for the real thing, which will be drawing the two of them together. That drawing will be worked over more extensively, or maybe I'll do a watercolour or something. We'll see. Anyway, that one is the one that will go to Anoeschka and that's the one that is the real challenge. I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

For now I wish all of you a wonderful and artsy Wednesday!