Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Back to my old ways - The White Book continued

At the beginning of this year I decided to put my old journaling style aside for at least a while and keep a separate journal for writing and a more visual journal in the White Book. I have really enjoyed writing willy nilly without having to think about layout or how much room I had to write. does make for a rather dull book to look at. I like my books to look interesting!

On the other side of the spectrum was the White Book. I've let you share in my struggle to make it work and I actually found some nice ways to fill a page and learned to enjoy making spreads or separate pages without thinking too much about writing. I liked the new type of pages I did in the White Book. I liked them a lot.

But what's happening now is what has happened every time after a while of trying to separate my journal writing from my more visual journaling and that is that I miss the combination of the two as I usually put them in my books. And at some point I always return to my old way of doing things.

It seems that for me there is only one way to work that really makes me feel like keeping a journal and that is to combine the visual with lots and lots of writing. I may do this in different ways through the times, but still it boils down to the same thing. I cannot seperate my writing from the visual aspect.

Well, I can, but only temporary and it never feels like I'm keeping a journal. My White Book became more like a photo-album and my written journal became like a diary. It's only together that for me they are like a journal.

This is a very personal thing and you may wonder why I even bother to try different approaches, but at the time I make these decisions I really need to step away from my usual way of working so I can broaden my horizon a little. And I have learned some new things in making up a page and in writing. This is good.

Compare it to traveling. You need to see things outside your own world in order to really appreciate what you have take what you saw back home with you and it influences your life. I think for instance that the one page collages I did in the White Book are something I really want to keep up  from time to time to give room for bigger prints of my own photographs. And I liked playing with magazine images to make a collage. The White Book could just be a next step to a combination of ways of journaling.

But the writing must return to it and so it has. In this post  you see four finished spreads and two spreads that are still waiting for writing. I so enjoyed going back to that way of working. This is the cool part about being an artist and a journaler or maybe just about being a person in the free world: you are allowed to change your mind. And guess what? You are allowed to change it a hundred times over!

The journey of my journaling keeps putting challenges before me, but I must stay true to myself and if at some point I need to turn back to where I came from, so be it. I will bring the experience with me and this way nothing goes to waste!

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy Wednesday!

(PS Because it's a bit of busy week for me I will only be posting once this week. See you next week!)


  1. Ja het is gelukkig een heerlijke vrije wereld! En soms zijn we zelf degenen die de tralies zetten!
    Ik was bijv gevangen in: ik kan niet tekenen! En zie hier, net vandaag een post op mn blog over mijn tekenblock en dat ik me realiseer dat als ik niet oefen, het me ook nooit gaat lukken!
    Succes met verder vinden van je eigen stijl, en met experimenteren.
    Groet, Wanda. Sorry niet in engels, te laat op de avond dan kan ik niet goed meer nadenken...

    1. Good for you! En Nederlands versta ik gelukkig prima, haha.

  2. i do like seeing this... because I have pages with lots of writing, and you're probably the only other artsy journaler I know who writes as much (or more!) than me :D lol
    Love your pages!

    1. I think the thing I ran into in my experimenting is that for me there is no journaling without lots of writing. For me the writing makes it a journal, the rest is decorative. :-)


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