Friday, May 3, 2013

Photography Friday

Another Friday for showing off some pictures of the past few weeks. Enjoy!

A path through the dunes on a sunny day.

We've been having a lot of sunny days and they make the bare trees stand out beautifully.

My family came to visit for my birthday and a vacation. They spoiled me rotten. Gift certificate overload.

The Wadden Sea on a very sunny but very windy day.

My cousin and my sister admiring the waves.

Me admiring my desert when we went out to dinner. Yum.

A beach pole was caught in a fishing net.

Sand sculpture by Mother Nature.

Smaller bushes are slowly becoming a bit greener, but the  bigger trees are taking their time.

Nothing like a bit of journal chaos.

I decided to make a sampler of my fabrics so I can easily  mix and match.
The Wadden Sea under calmer conditions.

Went to the city of Leeuwarden...

....because there was a fabric market there!

Stopped by in the city of Harlingen on my way home.

Caught this street tile pattern to maybe turn into a pattern drawing. Needs more colour of course.

My loot from the fabric market! A very dangerous place (and luckily very cheap too).

Now the last one takes some explaining. Recently our queen Beatrix decided to abdicate the throne and pass it on to her son Willem-Alexander. Yesterday was the big day with all the ceremonies and celebrations.
Our mayor came up with this idea to let islanders write the new king letters to invite him to come and visit us. Many children and adults responded and the letters were made into a beautiful book. To make it an even more fancy gift one of my coworkers (who is an amazing carpenter) made this beautiful wooden box to put the book into. And then the mayor came to ask me if I would be willing to put the image they used for the cover of the book onto the box. I said yes immediately but was a little scared to ruin such a lovely item. I knew  how I would do an image transfer, but I had never done one on wood before. It took some patience, but it turned out really nice. See?

The painting depicts a visit of our new king's great grandmother to our island about a hundred years ago. Very fitting, don't you think? Anyway, I'm a little honoured to have been a small part of this royal box! And who knows, it might actually convince him to drop by some day.

Wishing you all a very wonderful and artsy weekend!


  1. A birthday with family and a nice relaxing visit to various areas, who could ask for more.
    The picture of Harlingen is beautiful. I am assuming it is a port town. Looks so rustic.

    1. Harlingen is indeed a port town. It's also where our ferry connects us to the main land. It's quite beautiful and quaint.

  2. Wow, Caatje...what an honor to contribute to the box for the new king! The town of Harlingen looks absolutely delightful. I enjoyed Mother Nature's sand sculptures, as well!

    1. Thanks Andria, glad you enjoy my pictures and all the stuff I notice when I'm outdoors! ;-)

  3. Baie mooi! Congratulations on being asked to decorate the box


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