Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Working on a tutorial

I had so hoped to be ready this week with my next tutorial, but even though the bigger part of it is finished I still need to do another part of it. Am I being vague enough? See, I'm working on a tutorial that will be probably be a four parter. Shall I give some hints?

We will play with acrylic paints.

We will color stuff with markers.

We will be drawing with paint markers.

We'll tear up book pages.

We'll use shiny little bits and pieces.

We could make use of a circle template.

Alright already! Stop twisting my arm! If you look very carefully underneath the last picture it will show you what I'm so busy with. See, I'm working on a tutorial on atc's. We'll be making a big background sheet with mixed media and then cut it up into several atc shapes and then I'll show you three different ways to make atc's from the same background and how to make them nice and sturdy.

So far I've done the background and two series of atc's. I just need to finish up the last series and then I'm good to go. So I wanted to do a full week of blogposts on atc's, but that's just not going to happen this week. It will however happen next week and today is nothing more than a teaser of what's to come (and a way to show you that I'm busy for you all). Hope you look forward to it!

Wishing you all a wonderful and artsy week!


  1. Hoi Caatje, je maakt me nieuwsgierig, ik ga zeker meedoen! Jij ook weer een creatieve week gewenst!
    Groet, Wanda

  2. Sounds delicious Caatje... will look forward to it...

    Jenny ♥

  3. dat ziet er alvast aantrekkelijk uit, lang geleden dat ik nog atc's maakte. Misschien wordt jouw les dat duwtje in de rug er weer eens aan te beginnen :)
    gr. Dymphie

  4. Exciting, Caatje...take your time...you know we will wait for it!!


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