Monday, November 5, 2012

Kreadoe 2012

It's amazing how fast the time goes. Both my sister and I could not believe it had already been a year since we went to Utrecht to visit the annual Kreadoe, which is a huge arts and crafts supply fair. We have visited this fair almost since it first started many many years ago and it has become a standing arrangement that we don't even need to discuss. Every year we will go and we always go on a Saturday (because I work full time I can't go during the week). And every year we are absolutely certain it was way more busy than last year, but I wonder if that can be true. Surely if it were we would have been unable to get in at all by now?

Anyway, last Saturday was our 2012 Kreadoe visit and it was fabulous as always. Here's a little impression of the day. Please keep in mind that because it was busy it was hard to take as many pictures as I wanted to, so what you are seeing is but a minute sample of all the stuff that was available. Just know that we walked for six hours straight and that we were exhausted at the end. ;-)

The entrance hall. Many many many people waiting to get in.

Sister studying the information booklet. Like we needed to!

Inside the halls. There were two huge halls full of stalls. Aaaah, supply overload!

Pretty sorted fabrics. I love to take pictures like this.

Stencils anyone?

Beads galore!

All sorts of little nicknacks were to be found everywhere.

A rack turned into a ribbon rainbow.

More ribbons.

All kinds of crafts were represented, here's some stuff I would never do myself.

Brushes! Who doesn't love those?

All kinds of papers in all kinds of sizes. Ooh swoon!

But there was so much more than that, every art and craft you can think of was represented, from encaustic to embroidery and from knitting to cup cakes and cake decoration. You name it, it was there. Being at a fair like this I have the same realisation that I have when I go to bookfairs: nobody has any business being bored, ever! ;-)

So, now you must be wondering what I took home with me. Well, here's my loot of the day:

Ooooooh!  Aaaaaaaaah!

Two beautiful creative journals (one amazingly gorgeous one by Dylusions that just blew me away and a smash type journal), several sticker sheets, some pretty papers, collage sheets, stamps, paint dabbers (I was curious about those, have never used them before),  some small stencils, a bone folder, a book on crocheting snow flakes, special colored tapes for a label writer, a coloring book of images by Alphonse Mucha (one of my favorite artists), some colorful beads to prettify my hand bound books, a set of buttons, a bone folder (I'd been wanting one forever, it's ridiculous how we sometimes put off buying the simplest things), one of those thingies with which you can apply stamp ink (damn, what do you call those?) and of course many many pretty tapes for the paper tape addict that is me. Finally people in the Netherlands are discovering the joys of washi tape and I no longer need to look abroad for them, it's about time!

By now everything has found a place in my home and will gradually be incorporated into my work. I feel really rich right now even though I spent a lot of money! I'm sure you artsy people understand what I'm talking about!

Hope you enjoyed my little report and I wish you all a wonderful and artsy week!

P.S. Check out Emily's blog! She did an amazing rendition of what I consider to be one of the most beautiful women in the world, Kate Winslet, just because I asked her too. How cool is that? Leave her a compliment, will you and while you're there check out the other wonderful drawings she did as well.