Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Two people (a poem of thoughts)


Sometimes I feel like I am two people:
I work as an archivist during the weekdays.
I play as an artist in my free time.
But recently I realised that when I close the door to my office...
... the job almost immediately drops from my mind.

I hardly ever think about work in my free time.
It's not that I ignore it or hate it,
I just don't really care all that much to be bothered with it.
Work simply stays at work where it belongs.
I do it to make a living and keep a roof over my head and food on the table.

Art is different.

When I close the door to my studio my art goes with me everywhere.
I see colours and images, sometimes I even document them.
I think up ideas and dig up inspiration from all around me.
I take my camera, my notebook, my passion, along with me.

Even when I'm not working on something artsy I'm thinking of something artsy ...
....or am being inspired by other people's artsy stuff.

Ideas are everywhere all the time!
Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, is fodder for my artsy endeavours.
And there is just no time that I can think of when art is not on my mind...
...or on my soul.

It occurs to me that when I think of art and creativity 24/7...
...and leave my job behind me at the office the moment I leave...
...I am not two people after all.
I am actually one very distinct person.
And that person just happens to be an ARTIST.

Even if I don't make a living doing art...
...I do make a life doing art.
And maybe that is all that matters.

So if you ever wonder if you're an artist...
...maybe you should think about what is in the front of your mind and heart.
What makes your soul come to life?
For what we live and breathe through the days of our lives...
...may truly tell us who we really are.


  1. "Even if I don't make a living doing art...
    ...I do make a life doing art.
    And maybe that is all that matters." --I love that SO much. It's perfect! You are wise and inspiring as usual!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Lynn!

  2. Mee eens Caatje! Ik kan werk niet altijd helemaal uit min noofd zetten, maar creativiteit helemaal niet!

  3. Such a beautiful post Caatje... and inspiring words... yes... making a life doing art... that is what is important... adore your art journal page and gorgeous girl...

    Jenny ♥

    1. Thank you, Jenny. The girl is a mixed media piece that I use as my profile picture. I made it several years ago. Looks nothing like me by the way. :-)

  4. This is a beautiful post, Caatje! "Even if I don't make a living doing art...
    ...I do make a life doing art. And maybe that is all that matters." I just love this! And I am so happy that rather than see yourself disjointed into two people, you are able to see yourself as the whole creative being that you are. I love that you confidently claim the identity "artist" even if that is not how you have chosen to try to support yourself financially. You certainly support yourself spiritually that way, and we benefit from that too!

  5. Oh, I am still having a hard time referring to myself as an artist, but at least I realise how silly that is! :-)

  6. Wonderful. I especially love the line about making a life doing art!

  7. I think you've hit the nail on the head Caatje! Oh to be able to give up your day job and play with art all day! One day...

    1. Thank you Lisa. I managed to cut down my day job last year to three days a week, which was already a big step in the right direction. :-)


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