Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vacation Blog - part two

Ooh, what a glorious day today. I went to the nearby city for it's wonderful market with lots of fabrics. I took in the stores too, but didn't buy much there I did buy a lot at the market as you will see at the end of this post). And the weather has been so much better than they warned us about. I sat in the sun all afternoon.

Here's my slide show for today.

Self portrait in Sisters bedroom mirror.

One of many fabric stalls. I was practically swooning!

And ribbons galore! How is a girl to resist such temptation?

A well deserved pit stop. Ooh caramel macchiato. The cake wasn't bad either. ;-)

The city of Doetinchem. I love it, but it's just not very pretty.

Browsing through bookstores (didn't buy anything, but I love the browsing).

 A rare patch of green in the middle of the city.

I loved the way this tree stem winded around itself.

My comfy place under the sun this afternoon.

My loot of the day. 25 fabrics and 5 ribbons. Sigh....

It's hours later now and I'm still on buyer's high. I come to this market once a year tops and so I'm taking the opportunity to score as much as I can. Everything is so cheap and since I only need small pieces of fabric (half a meter a piece) I can choose many different kinds. You can see ribbon is relatively a lot more expensive by the fact that I bought only five of those. Anyway. I'm all content right now and after I post this I will return to my spot in the sun and read some more. Vacationing is hard work, isn't it? ;-)

Hope you're all having a marvelous day too.


  1. Wow, dat ziet er goed uit! Veel plezier!!!

  2. Goed gescoord Carin. Waren ze blij op de markt met al die stukjes stof die ze voor je moesten afknippen :-)

  3. What fabulous fabrics!! I'll bet you can't wait to play with everything you bought. I always leave new things out in a little box or bag so I can keep admiring them for a week or two. Do you do that?

  4. Jouw 'vacation' posts volgen is een beetje alsof ik er bij ben... geweldige stofjes trouwens!

  5. Look, it's Caatje! (I love seeing photos of the people whose blogs I read.) I'm sure that your excitement to put that loot to use is balanced with the complete enjoyment you are experiencing right where you are. I love the look of your spot in the sun; I would come join you there if I could!


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