Saturday, June 16, 2012

Vacation Blog - part five

Unbelievable but true, this will be my last blog from my vacation address. Tomorrow I will be traveling home. It all goes way too fast, but then again, all week it has also felt like time flowed endlessly. Isn't that a weird paradox? That things can go by in no time and still feel endless? At least it means I was really in the holiday zone.

Yesterday I didn't post. That's because yesterday can be described with just one photo and it looks like this:

It rained all day! So I took the most of it and slept so late my back actually hurt like hell after I got up (it did pass after a few hours, but I moved around the house like a little old lady, well, more like a big old lady).

The rest of the day I spent mostly on the couch with a double pair of socks on and wam clothes and my e-reader and lots of tea for company. It was wonderful! I wouldn't have been so happy about it if it had been like that all week, but one lazy day felt like a wonderful gift from the universe.

Today the weather was not as great as thursday, but good enough to go on another long bike ride. And of course I took a lot of pictures again and here's a selection of today's finest:

One of the many streams I photographed this week.

That dark sky threatened with rain, but didn't deliver, thank god.

Bridges among the green are just so idyllic.

A building hidden behind such beauty makes the imagination go wild.

Vorden Castle (Kasteel Vorden), one of many around here.

Also at Vorden Castle, from the side.

One windmill to keep the Dutch stereotype alive.


I'm lucky the corn is not full grown yet, or I wouldn't get such vistas.

I can't tell you how many farm houses like this I snapped. I want to live in all of them.

Well, that was my final outing here. Just after I came back the sky burst open with one big shower, so I have been pretty lucky not to get wet at all today. I've also started packing up the stuff I won't need anymore and have put all my shopping loot into one big bag and sighed in relieve that it all fit. ;-)

Now I will relax for one more night with a book on my sisters' couch. My art supplies have been packed already too, but I did manage to do a couple more small collages today, so I'm pleased with that as well.

Tomorrow around this time I will be back home and hopefully find my cat well. Then I can look forward to one more week off work that will be spent on my own island, so I can't complain. Life is ridiculously good right now. I wish this vacation could last forever.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and I hope you enjoyed my time away from home with me!


  1. Beautiful country and I LOVE those farmhouses and the castle! This really fires the imagination of us New World folks who don't have this much history to gaze upon! Glad you had a relaxing vacation! It's raining here as well and reading a book or drawing sounds like the best thing to do. :D

  2. I'm so happy for you, having all this time away from work. I love that first photo of you in your cozy socks! And the river and bridge photos are my absolute favorites. The farm houses there are so lovely...I think I want to live in one, too! Thank you so much for sharing your vacation journey with us.

  3. Thanks for sharing all the photos and travel adventure. Loved it all - the farms, architecture, markets, all of it. Laughed out loud about clothes shopping. That sounds Exactly like me!!
    Welcome home, enjoy the week...


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