Friday, June 29, 2012

The Moon Journal continues

After all those vacation posts you must be aching for some actual artsy stuff! Well, here's some spreads from the Moon Journal. I didn't do much in it in my vacation, but now life is somewhat back too the everyday normal the journal is revisited as well. And yes, I still enjoy working in it. we go!

By the way, I'm testing the largest image size on blogger. Let me know what you think. Great or too much in your face? I took these with a camera app (I had little time for editing today), so they're a little different from my usual journal or artsy pictures, but you get the...ah...picture. ;-)

In the past few spreads I've been experimenting writing with different pens as you can see. My biggest revelation was finally finding a good white pen to write with. It's the Uniball Signo white gelpen and I love love love it. The fifth and last spread were written on with that pen. The second spread is (partly) written on with the Sakura Souffle pen which is also quite could, but as you can see the line is not as fine and also the pen empties very fast, which is not a good thing if you write as much as I do. Still that one also will write on just about anything and is a good alternative if you don't have the Uniball Signo. Just my two cents worth on white gel pens.

I'm slowly getting back into my everyday life rythm, but I'm sure glad it's weekend! Just to make you a little jealous let me show you how most of the island looks right now:

That's right, wildflowers everywhere! It's so gorgeous here right now. I don't think in all my eight years of living here I've ever seen so much in bloom. Very idyllic.

Hope things are in bloom where you live, although I know that some of you are having winter (hello down under!). Wherever you are and whatever the weather, I wish all of you a wonderful and artsy weekend!