Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Last of the vacation slides (and a mention on Create Mixed Media!)

All good things must come to an end and unfortunately there's no exception for vacations. My second vacation week flew by in a state of bliss, mostly spent on my island. I didn't really do any art, but I did visit an art exhibit on the main land, I looked into several artsy books and...I took a lot of photographs (bet you didn't see that one coming). So today I'll show you the last of the vacation slides and then I promise to shut up about it! ;-)

So green, so tranquil, so beautiful.

A narrow path through the dunes. I walked many paths.

In the Groninger Museum there was an exhibit by Yin Xiuzhen.

Her work just blew me away! Wow!

Most of my days however were spent going on long lazy hikes.

And everything was in bloom!

I even took a self portrait I actually like (very rare).

I was surprised how well my phone could photograph these close ups of flowers.

And of course I walked on the beach a lot too, there was a lot of wind.

Now I have been back to work for two days already and I'm slowly getting back into my regular routine, but it's not easy after 16 days of total freedom. I wish my job didn't take up so much of my time, but of course I can't do without it either, since both my cat and I like a roof over our head and food on the table. ;-)

I'm closing off with a little bragging, because Ricë Freeman Zachery asked me if she could use my blogpost on my travelbag of art supplies for her blog on the wonderful Create Mixed Media site. If you don't know about this site yet, go check it out, because it's like a treasure trove of inspiration and ideas. Anyway, Ricë not only mentioned me, I actually got to give some tips on traveling with art supplies, like I'm an expert or something. I was ever so flattered! You can read the post here. Read her other posts too and above all: check out her podcasts, there's nothing like them. She really knows how to talk to artists.

And with that I end my vacation blogging. I'm way behind on other peoples blogs and on my yahoo groups, so if you think I've been ignoring you I...well actually... I have been ignoring you. I was on vacation! But I haven't forgotten my blogsy pals so this week I'll try to catch up with everybody, promise.

Wishing you all a wonderful and very artsy week. Next time I will show some journal pages! Until then!


  1. Caatje, I've enjoyed your vacation slides so much! It's like a free trip overseas to see what a pretty little island in the Dutch Sea really looks like!
    What exactly does an archivist do? It sounds like it could be interesting! :D

    1. Lisa, I work at the local town hall/mayor's office, so I'm a public servant in the local government of the island I live on. Basically I take care of all the information our organization generates and receives, both the current day and the old. The town's archives go back to the 16th century and I get to help people do historical research or do research for them sometimes. The old archives consist of papers, but also many images, old postcardds and photographs and is quite beautiful. But a lot of what I do is also filing and structuring current day paperwork and digital information to support my coworkers in their daily jobs and to service the public. I'm a documentalist and archivist really. Because I work for a small organization I have some other tasks as well, like keeping up the postal registration system in our office, answering and redirecting general e-mails and being the secretary of the employee council. Because it's a solo position (as most jobs in our organization are) it's very diverse and I have to do work on all kinds of skill levels and I have quite a lot of freedom in the execution of it, which is just the way I like it. Hope this answers your question.

  2. Congrats with your post over at Create Mixed Media... coooool!!! I enjoyed your vacation (pics) but I bet you enjoyed it even more! Your self portrait is wonderful, and you look so relaxed and peaceful... I hope that feeling will last a long time!

  3. So happy you had a beautiful vacation Caatje... love the photos... and the self portrait is lovely... can't wait to read the post about you on the Mixed Media site... how simply wonderful...

    Jenny x

  4. Caatje, love the self portrait, I hope this one will encourage you to take more and get used to it. :-) Great photos too!

    1. Hanna, I take lots of self portraits, it's just that I don't like most of them! ;-)

  5. That is a great photo, Caatje! Congrats on the appearance on Rice's blog.

  6. Prachtige foto's!!
    En gefeliciteerd met weer een publicatie!!!!

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