Thursday, June 21, 2012

Indexcard collages from my vacation

As promised today I will show you the eight collages I did while I was away staying in my sisters house for a week.

It was quite challenging to work in such a small format again. There was a time when I did loads of cards and even atc's but recently not so much.

I did enjoy it though. I also enjoyed working with a minimum of supplies. Just magazine images, a couple of stickers, some pens and a very small supply of pretty paper and tapes that I had taken with me on my trip.

It's good to limit your choices every now and then, although I must admit that I prefer to work in my own house where I have loads of materials and choices to pick from.

I know a lot of people find this stifling, but it's the sheer amount of choice that always opens my eyes to new possibilities. This is why I never order my stash according to color or themes.

My only organizing tactic is 'like with like'. By that I mean that paints go with paints, stamps with stamps and papers with papers and so on.

This gives me the option to combine things that otherwise would never end up together. You can see this very well in my journal where for instance the strangest words are combined with the oddest images.It's all instinct really.

With these cards my choices were more limited, but I still tried to put stuff together without thinking too much and just going with the flow.

These cards will also become a part of my indexcard journal and will end up with holes in them for the bookrings. I look forward to putting it all together.

And that's all the art I made last week. It was fun to do and it has made me want to do more card sized art again. Who knows where it will lead to! ;-)

Hope you're all having a wonderful artsy day!


  1. Leuk, leuk, leuk Caatje! Ik 'orden' mijn spullen op dezelfde manier als jij - grappig om te lezen dat wij op dezelfde manier werken! Oh, en als je het 'kaartformaat' nog even door wilt zetten, bekijk dan mijn laatste 'Quirky' post eens.

  2. I haven't done collage, but you're piquing my interest! I can see lots of possibilities for fun with just a few supplies!

  3. Great collages Caatje! I have a hard time working in this size, but you make it look very easy. :)

  4. Yay! It's fun to see your index card collages. I agree with what you say about the value of occasionally working with limited supplies, but also about enjoying being back amongst the full richness of your art materials!


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