Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Back home and some indexcard paintings

Back home again on my island. I packed all my stuff on Sunday morning and was quite relieved I could fit it into this:

The big blue and white shopper was completely filled with purchases (well, except for my coat which I planted on top, because it was quite warm that morning). It was really heavy too! But I did manage to bring everything home with me.

I left a little surprise for my sister and her husband to thank them for trusting me with their home.

A big bunch of flowers, a little gift for the puppy they are going to pick up this week (ooh so cute!) and since I had my index cards with me anyway I made them a little welcome home card too.

They didn't come back until Monday, so I couldn't see them in person anymore. When I came home I found my cat well, but my house was all full of cat litter crumbs and cat hair and I just couldn't bear looking at it, so I cleaned house first. It's odd, I always have this need when I've been away, as if I have to make the house my own again. I unpacked after that and then I could finally be pleased to be back.

My cat Peer was pretty pleased too. He couldn't get enough attention and pretty much follows me around like a shadow for the past few days, even sleeping on my bed all night, which is something he does only every now and then under normal circumstances. He's also very happy to be reinstated in his position as my personal assistant and is trying to prove just how helpful he can be by staying on top of everything...um...literally:

And with that my trip away has really come to an end. I have to say I'm  having to get used to my own house all over again. Do any of you have that too, that everything seems a little strange and unfamiliar after you've been in a different environment for a while? I'm just sort of finding my bearings again in my own place. Going back to blogging on my own laptop and getting busy in my own studio and doing everyday stuff like laundry is slowly putting me back into my own life. ;-)

But...of course I did some art while away as well and today and Thursday I wanted to give you a peek at the indexcard art I did while I was away. I made twelve pieces. Four abstract paintings with watercolor and eight collages. The collages I'll show you Thursday and the paintings...well...now!

The last one was a little experiment with doodling over different patches of color. I kind of like how it turned out and may try some more of these.

I have just also printed out a whole bunch of photos that will go into the journal I will construct from all these cards. When everything is ready to go I will punch holes through the cards and bind them with bookrings. When it's all completed I'll of course show you the finished journal as well. I just thought it would be better to show you the artsy cards before I punch the holes into them.

So, today is a beautiful day. I still have a little under a week off. I think I will go to the beach this afternoon and just enjoy the sunshine and my beautiful island. Wishing you all a wonderful day!


  1. Welkom terug Caatje... ja, ik ken dat gevoel van 'vervreemding' bij thuiskomst... ik moet ook altijd wennen en keutel soms uren verloren rond voor aleer ik mijn 'draai' weer vind. Poetsen en de was doen helpt inderdaad bij mij ook! Ik vind je kaarten heel leuk, vooral de laatste - zo vrolijk en zonnig! Ik hoop dat je deze vrije week nog veel zonneschijn, warm zand en mooie luchten mag beleven!

  2. Welcome home, Caatje...I love that photo of Peer "staying on top of everything"! Your cards look great; I especially love that experimental last one...beautiful colors and doodles!

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