Monday, June 11, 2012

Vacation Blog - part one

Well, after a long journey (five hours on boats, trains and busses) I arrived at my vacation residence last night (also known as my sister's house).  As promised I will keep you posted this vacation through a series of picturese, so here's my first installment of  'holiday slides'. ;-)

A scene from the train on the way to my holiday resort.

Started on my index card journal in the train.

My sisters garden. How cute is that?

Part of the living room. HD tv anyone? I'm in the lap of luxury.

A close up of some real flowers.

A close up of some fake flowers.

I have to share the house with a witch. I ignore her.

These two puppies live here too. They're pretty well behaved.

A visit to a discount store led to this.

A bike ride. In the distance the house I was born in.

And of course I set up shop the minute my sister had left the house.

And that's all for today. More to come the rest of the week. Hope you enjoy tagging along with me on my little vacation and wishing all of you a wonderful and artsy week!


  1. Looks delightful, Caatje (minus the witch!). You are going to have such a lovely vacation week. How neat to have a view of the house in which you were born! If I were you, I would spend as much time making art at that little table in the garden as I could.

  2. Nice. Love your sense of humour. Have fun :-) Look forward to the next instalment


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