Friday, February 3, 2012

Snow Island

Well, it took its time this year, but it seems that Winter has finally found us! All of November, December and January it seemed that winter would just be another autumn with lots of fogs in November and lots of storms in December. But as of this week the cold has found us (and not in a shy way!) and today I walked to work to the sight of this:

It was snowing! I couldn't believe it! I have been jealous all winter of all you blogsy people telling me about snow and we've had tons of it the last two winters so it seemed very unfair not to have any this one (how quickly we get spoiled). Well, last Monday it snowed a little, but it was the kind of snow that looks like a little layer of powdered sugar. What I wanted was real snow. You know: the kind that makes the world white!

Looks like I got my wish for later at work the view from my office was like above. It snowed for hours on end and I couldn't stop looking outside and wondering about leaving work early just so I could go for a snow walk. Well, I did do that of course! And I brought my phone as well to take some snapshots for you, because you may have gotten a tour of my island already, but there was no snow then. So today I present you Snow Island!

The Wadden Sea is starting to freeze over. Well, not completely (it's not that bad), but there's plates of ice moving in there and it means the ferry has an adapted schedule and the fast ferry doesn't go at all. The past week was really cold and it looks like the coming days will be no different. The snow is oddly enough a little reprieve from the cold. I don't know if you can see it very well, but here's a snapshot of the Wadden Sea at low tide where you can see how icy it is here right now (this was taken before the snow).

All in all I'm loving all this winter! I know not many people feel like that about this kind of weather and I don't like the idea of having to walk over slippery roads (and they will be slippery when all this snow turns to ice) any more than the next person. But, come on, who can deny the beauty of winter when there's views like above to be had?

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hallo Carin,

    Prachtige fotoserie v.d. winter op Vlieland. Foto nr. 6 is mijn favoriet.

    Groetjes Truus

  2. Wow...what a wonderland. The picture of your walk to work is suitable for framing. Well... they all are! I'm like you. I love whatever weather I'm living in at the moment!

  3. Wat een mooie foto's, geweldig!

  4. got your winter snow! I'm so's beautiful. After our one brief snow, we are having gorgeous weather: it's in the 40s but feels positively WARM! Even though more snow would be fun, I admit that I'm enjoying this mild weather quite well too.

  5. We have only had snow once this year- on Halloween!! I love snow too. Wonderful pictures! (i'll just live through your snow:)

  6. Beautiful photos you have shown us today. Wonderful. Glad I popped over now! If I had done so on Wednesday, I would not have seen these!

  7. I grew up with snowy winters and part of me does miss them. I have always thought they were beautiful even when miserable to have to go out into. Besides beautiful, they are so much brighter than a snowless winter landscape.


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