Friday, February 17, 2012

And...the word verification is off again!

Well, looks like blogger has joined the ranks of the unreadable word verifications. I don't know why they've changed the setup, but it's pretty annoying. Unless they're secretly trying to push everyone to turn the verification off. (I'm nothing if not paranoid)

Until now I found the words quite easy to read and didn't mind it so much and as I've said before: spam is overflowing when I don't do it. Blogger does have a pretty good spamfilter, so the spam doesn't show up on the blog, thank God, but... it does show up in my mailbox and I don't want it there.

So now I have to give in and change things around again. I have set up my comments now in such a way that I no longer will receive an e-mail when someone comments, which by the way I'm not too happy about. That's how I've kept up with my comments until now. Now however I will have to logon to blogger to see if I have any comments. Oh well, at least my readers will no longer have to go through the trouble of typing in five or six extra letters, so for you it's an improvement! Enjoy! ;-)


  1. Ik heb 'm ook uitgezet, je bent langer bezig met ontcijferen dan een berichtje te tikken! Ben benieuwd of ik veel spam krijg... hoop het niet! Groetjes Carolien

  2. En óf het een verbetering is!!! Dank je wel Caatje... ik had nl. ook geconstateerd dat iedereen met een blogger-blog ineens van die rottige word verification heeft... ik heb wat af zitten vloeken tijdens mijn 'blogrondje'... misschien kun je een andere vinden? Ik weet niet hoe het allemaal bij blogger zit dus ik kan je niet helpen maar er ik hoop dat je een andere manier vind om én je spam tegen te houden én het de lezer gemakkelijk te maken!

  3. Oh thank goodness, someone else thinks that Caatje... was wondering if it was just me... those verification codes are just SO hard to read now... I'm getting to the stage I have to almost guess what they are... glad yours is turned off now :))

    Jenny x

  4. well, thank you for no more words that i can't read half the time, lol. but as someone who cherishes my email notifications, i feel bad for you. how did you know it was acting up? i need to check mine...xoxo

  5. Well it's a big fat yay from me - I can comment on your blog again :) sorry it's such a pain in the bum for you though!x

  6. I'm glad you're all happy about it, haha.

    @Aimeslee, I found out simply by suddenly seeing a different type of word verification on other blogger blogs, so I decided to check my own by logging out of blogger and trying to comment on my own blog, and was on mine too. Why do they keep doing stuff like this? Not every change is an improvement, don't they know that by now?

  7. Thanks for this post! It made mne check my Capsha and I discovered I had one that didn't allow anyone to comment!! Thankfully, it's fixed now. (I hope!)

    I liked the old Blogger antispam words. They were fun/funny so I didn't mind typing them. Now, half the time, I think I can read them, but I'm told I didn't get them right. Not much fun any more. I'm not a frequent commenter to begin with.


I appreciate each and every comment. They make me really happy. I don't like spammers though and that's why the word verification is turned on. I know it's a pain, but I hope you understand.

I try to respond to all comments by directly replying in the comment section, but please understand that sometimes this may take some time. Know that I read them all and that they make my day.

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