Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Beauty

Autumn is here and nature is showing it. The woods on our island are boasting spectacular colors all around and I can't get enough of looking at all that fall beauty.

I love autumn. I've read some blogs where people state they love autumn, but hate that it's a prelude to winter. I'm not one of those people. For me the fact that winter comes after fall is just a bonus. I love dark days, I love the storms that visit us this time of year, I love that the clock is at it's normal rythm again (I just don't get daylight saving time). I love that it gets colder. I love it both outside and inside where finally the time is coming to burn candles and make things extra cosy. In short: I'm a winter person, not a summer person.

Every autumn I walk around with my camera and shoot the leafs. Mostly I take shots like these:

I'm fascinated by the variation of patterns and colors on leafs. I take close ups and shoot from a distance too so I can photograph groups of leafs.

But this fall my attention was also drawn to those leafs that had already left the tree they used to live on. And once my attention was drawn I saw beautiful fresh fallen specimens everywhere.

Such beautiful reds and yellows no artist can do better. And then I saw some real street art! I was walking this biking trail and noticed how the leafs that had fallen a while ago were sort of starting to merge with the ground. I found it breathtaking and there I went again klick klick klicking away on my camera.

It might be interesting to try to get this effect on an actual painting or mixed media piece. For now however I will just enjoy the way it looks in real life. Art really is everywhere! Keep your eyes open and you might see it too.


  1. Oooh, wat mooi - die bladeren zo half in het pad... en ja, ik 'ken' een kunstenaar die dit soort dingen (geen bladeren, maar zand/paalhoofden/strand/bazalt) echt op een doek kan krijgen. Zijn doeken (? Hij schept zelf het papier) zijn megagroot en hij heeft zelfs pakhuizen en een watertoren beschildert. Ik wed dat ook ademloos zal kijken naar zijn werk: Johnny Beerens.

  2. Just found your blog and love it...
    U hv a fan for life! hugs xo
    come visit mine too!

  3. Caatje,

    Thanks for the idea about uploading pix in blogger. I couldn't get the HTML idea to work either, but I was able to use the "from a URL" choice instead of directly from my computer, so instead of providing a link to facebook where I had uploaded the pix, I could have the picture show up.

    Don't you wish blogger wasn't so unpredictable?



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